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Cutline Premium Support Pricing

December 4th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Release Notes

After much research, thought and deliberation, we’ve come to what we think are reasonable rates for premium support for the Cutline theme. Recall that I’ve mentioned this idea before, and it seems some folks would be willing to spend a few bucks to get quick support or fixes. And we’ve also thought about those who don’t only want quick fixes, but rather a whole slew of modifications and fixes to their Cutline-themed blogs.

And so, let me introduce our rates:

  • Email consultation for $50. We can provide technical and design-related support via email, wherein one of our designers or programmers would delve deep into your blog’s design or code, and do the edits on-site. Here we can walk you through how you can do these edits yourself.
  • Design overhaul or customization for $200. We can help with design customizations and big changes, as long as it still works within the Cutline framework (meaning no major changes to the underlying WordPress code will be done). This also includes creating custom headers and other graphics, so your site will look unique. The pricing is just enough to give our designer an incentive to primp up your site, but it’s just a fraction of the cost of designing a theme from scratch.
  • Cutline premium forum subscription for $3.99 per month. In the premium support forum we can directly respond to user/reader inquiries in a timely manner. We will still maintain the existing forum free, but this would be mostly for user-to-user discussion and support (and all content that was previously free will still remain accessible to the public).

We already welcome consultations and design overhauls–please get in touch with us through our Contact Form and we can discuss your needs.

We do hope these rates are reasonable enough. But of course, if all you need are really quick fixes that would likely only take us five minutes to do, then you don’t have to worry about paying a cent for those.


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  • 文痞

    that’s a good theme,I have download it.

  • Vinicius Brasil

    I wouldn’t mind paying $200 for the customization work and overhaul. I just would like to have some one train me on what was changed so that I could make simple updates when needed. I am for this and would like to start as soon as possible, where do we start. Also if someone could write a manual for this theme, I would seriously buy it, I thought Peach Pit press had something in the works to release a book on this theme, but apparently that has not worked out. It would be nice to have simple comprehensive documentation for the theme.

  • Ian

    Whether or not you’re going to charge for support, the big question is are you planning on updating the theme to be compatible with WordPress 2.7 now that it is out.

  • Typepad to Wordpress

    Hi Guys,

    I think those rates are extremely reasonable and a great chance for somebody to get some custom work done from the experts.

    We’ve found that many people would prefer not to spend their time troubleshooting WordPress – they have lives to live. I for instance would never want to do my own auto repair work. I don’t like cars and don’t like grease and just don’t like the idea at all.

    I’m sure lots of people feel the same way about computers/Wordpress. Normally a properly set up weblog is very low maintenance so the buyer is getting great value employing you.

    Good luck with the new business!


  • Stephen Roesler

    I am having some trouble with the RSS feed on Cutline 1.4. I always get an XML Parsing error and do not maintain the ability to edit the html in the Cutline Theme. Any help?

  • the gerald ung legal defense fund

    i nstalled cutline through wordpress but i have a domain name. for the life of me i cannot figure out how to upload an image into the image folder for my custom header. i have changed the image to be header_2.jpg. i dont even have an image folder under my public.html under cutline, it is like an icon. do i need to create an actual folder for “images” because it wont let me. i transfered the file to the icon image but nothing changes. please help as i would like to use cutline for my charity! thanks so much i have been trying to research the answer all day!

  • Monica

    I like the simplicity and the elegant look of this theme. I will give it a try.

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