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Cutline 1.1 — Running a Killer Website Just Got Easier

February 2nd, 2007 · 240 Comments · Release Notes

Pimped out ride

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s a great day in the history of Cutline, and it really has little to do with the fact that version 1.1 is now on the table (get it here). The most excellent thing about this new release is that I’ve tweaked the theme in such a way that your life might now be easier.

I realize that with past theme updates, you tweakers and hackers out there have had a rough go of things. Adapting modified styles and sifting through stylesheets isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, so in addition to playing nicely with WordPress 2.1, finding a way for you guys to futureproof design modifications was priority number one.

Thanks to a handy little custom stylesheet solution, your CSS changes will no longer be affected by future versions of the theme. This excellent update stands at the top of the list of this release’s major changes, which you can read about below.

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Important Notes About WordPress 2.1 and Cutline Compatibility

January 31st, 2007 · 42 Comments · Release Notes

On January 22nd, the Automattic crew unleashed WordPress 2.1 on the world, thereby wrecking (ok, causing minor problems with) a bundle of themes in the process. Sadly, Cutline was among the ranks of the afflicted themes, but only for reasons that were not unexpected.

Naturally, I can’t just leave you with a theme that is anything less than fully functional, so to solve this problem, I’m going to release a newer, hotter, better version of Cutline within the next few hours. In fact, by the time you finish reading this post, it’ll probably already be here.

Until then, it’s time to think about making this important upgrade, and I’d like to take this time to examine the following:

  • Potential issues with the WordPress 2.1 upgrade
  • How this upgrade affects Cutline
  • What you can do to ensure that your theme is performing at optimum levels for whatever version of WordPress you choose to run.

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Cutline 1.03 is Here, Upgrade Today!

October 26th, 2006 · 171 Comments · Release Notes

It seems like there’s always something out there to fix, something to improve upon, and as a result, I bring you Cutline version 1.03. While it’s not quite as significant an upgrade as version 1.02, version 1.03 does contain a couple of major additions as well as a few cosmetic and under-the-hood changes. All in […]

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Cutline 1.02 Released, Upgrade Now!

September 28th, 2006 · 72 Comments · Release Notes

Over the past week or so, hundreds and hundreds of you have provided feedback on Cutline by pointing out issues and requesting changes. Thanks to your wonderful input, I’ve been able to craft a newer, stronger, cooler version of the theme, and you can (and should!) download it now. Although there are numerous cosmetic changes […]

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New Release – Featuring Widget Support!

September 21st, 2006 · 49 Comments · Release Notes

Sure, but does it support widgets? Yes it does! Not only does this new, revamped version of Cutline support widgets, but it also contains a fix or two coupled with FlickrRSS and Google AdSense (or YPN) support.

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Welcome to Cutline!

September 7th, 2006 · 13 Comments · Release Notes

This site is your how-to guide and support forum for the Cutline theme for WordPress, all rolled into one stylish package! By taking advantage of the information offered here, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of this amazing and unique theme. We want you to enjoy Cutline as much as we do, which is […]

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