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Many WordPress themes get released out into the wild with nothing more than a few screenshots, a download link, and some words to encourage its use. Some of the really savvy theme developers out there will actually build a custom demo site for their theme as well, thus giving potential users a firsthand look at what they can expect when using the theme.

But what if users could not only view the theme but also interact with its designer to get answers to their questions? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yes. Yes it would.

Welcome to Cutline.

Recognizing the need for a stable and strong theme platform for the popular WordPress blog software, Cutline was started in 2006 under the Tubetorial banner. Cutline is a future-proof, easy-to-customize design for WordPress users.

Not just simply a “theme,” Cutline is instead a platform on which developers and designers can easily build on, and which users can easily modify and manipulate to their needs. The Cutline blog was also established as the official support center for users of the platform.

Splashpress Media provides official support for Cutline via the Support Forums.

Cutline is regularly updated with new modifications and versions. Subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest tips and updates on the Cutline theme.

Cutline 1.x (Original)

Cutline 1.x (Original) screenshot

This is the classic Cutline theme available in three different flavors:

  • Cutline 2-Column Right – 2 columns, 1 sidebar at the right
  • Cutline 3-Column Right – 3 columns, 2 sidebars at the right
  • Cutline 3-Column Split – 3 columns, 2 sidebars on the left and right

Cutline 2.x (Black and White)

Cutline 2.x (Black and White) screenshot

This is a more modern, grid-focused version inspired by Khoi Vinh’s website. Read more about this version here.