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What Will I Be Supporting?

December 3rd, 2007 · 25 Comments · Site Updates

With two versions of Cutline now out, people have been wondering which theme I will be supporting. Will I be continuing to work on the super popular Cutline 1.1 or its newer brother, Cutline 2.0? Well, the answer is “both”! At least for now.

I will continue to develop and support the original Cutline platform, and hope to bring out a newer release before the next version of WordPress in January. As for Cutline 2.0, you can expect to see a 2.1 release hopefully by February, with many new updates. As for continuing to support the first generation of Cutline, that all depends on you and its continued popularity. If you all get sick of it, I will focus my attention on the newer version. But if you all continue to enjoy it, I will continue to work on developing it, fixing it, tweaking it, and making it what you want it to be.

I have many ideas on how I want things to continue, especially in making it easier for you, the users, to easily modify and adapt the theme. I hope you will stick with me, give me a helping hand, and we can really revitalize the Cutline community.


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  • ME

    Are you going to be making a 3-column layout with v.2.x? 🙂

  • Sam

    Please continue to work on v.1. I like it more than the other one and my readers enjoy it very much.
    tks a lot!

  • Sam

    forgot to add that I use the 3-column version. Please dont forget about this one either. tks,

  • Tim Christie

    What new features can we expect to see? look forward to the new release

  • Mike

    Just wanted to say that I really like the what you have done.

    I just started using WordPress and am liking it along with your theme “Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1”

    I am using it

    Just wanted to say “great job”!!

  • rmaspero

    Hey I love the version 2 but found some things I did not like so I did a bit of editing and if you got to my blog I the edited version.

  • June Dodge

    I don’t think we want you to work on Cutland 2.0 – we want you to make a style sheet so we can make the changes we want to our Cutland themes we already have set up. It’s the flexibility of being able to make custom changes to the existing Cutland that appeals to me. If I wanted a blue theme and didn’t want to make changes I would have picked one that was already in place.


  • ark

    cutline 2.0 is 2 column or 3 column?
    I currenly using 3 column split, i like 3 column 🙂

    Thank for your Theme.

  • sam i is

    was wondering if you had a template for a page that does not have the sidebar… i want the content to go all the way across… check here to see what i have so far, i’ve gotten the sidebar out but the content won’t extend….help?

  • Wilfrid

    Hi, my Joomla-WP blog site recently got hacked and so my friend suggested that I shall switch to a proper WordPress engine. So I did. My friend has choosen your template and I have to say I am much impressed by it. Thanks for the good job. I have no idea which version is which but whatever you do, I believe it is great. If I do have some creative ideas on how to improve the template (perhaps after I get used to it), I will certainly drop you a line or two here 🙂

    Have a nice day.

  • Joe

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I was checking out new themes for a few new websites I’m starting and I will definitely be using Cutline for a project of mine relating more towards News related topics. It has a great News feel to the layout. Good job!

  • Jayne

    Has there been problems with displaying images using Cutline with WordPress 2.3.1? I installed the new WordPress for the first time yesterday and the Cutline theme (I’ve got great results in the past.) If I change the header images the image will no longer display- even if I change it back to the original image. I’m not having this problem with the default themes.

  • Frank

    great theme! i love it. it’s clean and beautiful. how do i get the theme to only display article summaries on the homepage?

  • Picker

    v2 cutline is awesome. Great job on the blog theme.

  • Angela

    I just wanted to say that I was in despair over the difficulty of customising templates for WP. I’m used to MT and have a ton of flexibility with just a few tweaks to one css file. Thanks to YOU and your brilliant CSS customisation solution, I’m now looking forward to CSSing to my hearts content without breaking the site – like I did with several other templates.



  • Bob Jones

    Hi Chris, I’m new at Blogging and after looking at about 1000 🙂 templates I found yours to be the best. I am using Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1. I found that ALL the features worked, unlike many of the others, and the colors are Great. I did change the font size a little and made it Black instead of the gray. I tried the new version 2.0 and don’t like it nearly as well. Here’s why; 1. I like 3 columns so I can put ads down the left and widgets down the right. 2. Version 2 seems to take up more of the page for header and tabs. and 3. The post title on the left seems to wast a lot of valuable space. So I’m going to continue to keep using version 1.1 and hope to see a three column version of 2 come out some day. Again, I really think you have a great theme and I want to thank you for all the time you put in it. Bob Jones

  • Richard

    Can you explain or show me examples of v1 and v2 please?

  • Stefani

    I love the theme. I just wish I knew how to put the categories in alphabetical order!

  • Keith

    I’ve been using Cutline 1.1 (3CS) for about 6 months now, and love it. Clean, widgetized and two columns of sidebar goodness.

    I’d love to see a 3-col split for the v2.x, or perhaps a list of some of the features that were added/changed so that we could try and do some of the mods ourselves.

    I’ve created a couple of WP plugins too, one to do random image headers (a bit different than your approach), and another to put admin links in the sidebar as a widget. Both worked out really well with Cutline. 🙂
    *shameless plug*

  • Had

    I like cutline 3 column theme. I’m new to blogging and I’m setting up a new blog this week. Which cutline version should I use? (1.x or 2.x?) My hosting company is running WP version 2.3.3 but should have version WP 2.5 soon. Do you have a Cutline versions features comparison chart? If so, where?

  • Thierry Benquey

    I just discovered your theme and I love it already.
    To look in your CSS is like to look in a pure springwater.
    I try to customize at this time.

    Congratulations for the excellent work

  • Lex van de Oudeweetering


    I’m using you’re wonderful design for my new blog.
    I use the split 1.1. However because I would like to publish sometimes some wider images (I’m an illustrator myself), I would like to make the right sidebar empty and add the context of it to the left sidebar. That has succeeded.
    Sad enough the Comment function doe not work anymore. After a trial ans research session and undoing any changes and start changingit back from scratch, also tried 1.3, the Comment function dissapears even after only one “widget” from the right side bar to the left one.
    Do you have a solution for that problem? Or does anyone else?

    My blog;
    Greetings, Lex van de Oudeweetering

  • Lex van de Oudeweetering


    I hoped to hear from you on my last message. In the meantime I installed the original version, with left and right sidebars. To have the comments working, of course. But I do not like it that way for my purpose. With my amount of images, it get’s too busy for my taste.
    I will look for a another theme.

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