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September 7th, 2006 · 13 Comments · Release Notes

This site is your how-to guide and support forum for the Cutline theme for WordPress, all rolled into one stylish package! By taking advantage of the information offered here, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of this amazing and unique theme.

We want you to enjoy Cutline as much as we do, which is why we’ve created this site to support the growth and maturation of the theme. Think of this place as a living, breathing set of instructions for Cutline. You want an answer? Ask a question. You want to contribute? Share the love in the comments!


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  • Rick Beckman

    Why is there a ton of K2 code in Cutline’s functions.php file? Is it all necessary?

    Otherwise, great theme; I’m currently using it at my site now. Haven’t tried out any of the image or blockquote classes yet, but I plan to soon. Thanks!

  • Chris


    A majority of that code is used to actually create the Archives page in the event that the user wants to go the automated route.

    This code is known to work, so I didn’t see any reason to reinvent the wheel for Cutline. Also, although I didn’t go over the code with a fine-tooth comb, I was hesitant to remove a lot of it for fear that it would no longer work properly. Feel free to thin it out and make it better if you like!

  • Isabella Murphy

    This is an amazing idea to show off your wordpress theme. I have a feeling this one is definitely going on my blog. Thank you so much!

  • Victor

    Great theme!

    It seems that the CSS is not working for the sidebar when Sidebar Widgets are enabled.

    Any workarounds?

  • Chris


    Alright, I just looked at your site, and now I see what the deal is. Unfortunately, WordPress now dictates that we designers must use proprietary classes in our sidebars. This is not explained very well at the Automattic Web site, but now that I understand, I will make that adjustment to this theme.

    In the meantime, you can copy/paste the Cutline sidebar styles to the class names that are currently in use. If that seems too technical for you, just wait for the next release of the theme.

    It’ll be out soon, because now that I know what’s up with widgets, I’ll be able to get that update out in a hurry.

    Thanks for the heads-up, and I’m sorry that it didn’t work right out of the box!

  • Victor

    Got it! Basically, I duplicated the “sidebar styles” in the styles.css file and made a new section called “sidebar styles for Sidebar Widgets”. The only changes needed were to remove any occurance of “sidebar_item” and prefacing each with “ul.sidebar_list”.


  • Chris

    Victor (and everyone else),

    As of September 21, Cutline has been updated to include widget support. Even if you’ve modified it on your own to accommodate widgets, you’ll want to upgrade to this new version. Why? Because…

    • the widgets will be styled seamlessly
    • other updates have been made which you don’t wan to miss!
  • Leyna

    can someone please help me. I tried to put an image in my entry but the pic didnt come out.

    i am new and not good at all in doing this.

    can anyone please tell me a step by step instruction on how to do it.

    do i have to upload my pictures somewhere else or what?

    thanks in advance..

  • cfisher

    I know this is going to seem silly, but where is the install instructions on this site. I assume its just simply uploading the Cutline directory to the themes directory on my server, but i dont see the Cutline theme as an option. I know im missing something (because i was able to install it on another server with no problem, but i cant seem to find the install instructions this time around). Unless Cutline doesnt support WordPress-Mu, that would explain it.

    Thanks for your time,

  • cfisher


    nevermind.. i fixed the problem. Altho im still having troubles finding the install instructions on this site. A simple link to “INSTALL” would be great 🙂

  • Phil

    Great job. I’ll be updating my WP blog with this.

  • Tim

    I was wondering if you could help. I’ve been up for hours on this!
    My blog (in cutline) is a separate page from a standard website. I want to put a link in the cutline blog nav bar, which will take the user back to the main website homepage, which is not in wordpress. How do i do this?

  • Dan

    Problogging directed me to Cutline, and I like the clean. crisp nature of your two column theme. So I downloaded it to my Mac, but when I try to upload to WordPress, WordPress won’t recognize the Cutline folder only the individual files in it. How do I upload the entire theme?


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