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Use this Simple Plug and Play Sitemap for Cutline!

December 7th, 2006 · 88 Comments · How To

Download the sitemap add-on for CutlineOver on my home site, I’ve been covering simple SEO tips that just about anyone can incorporate into their Web site.

Recently, I addressed both XML and XHTML sitemaps. In the case of the XHTML sitemap, I even released a special WordPress theme Page that can be incorporated into any existing site without additional modification.

The only bummer, though, is the fact that the resulting sitemap page won’t assume the styling of your current WordPress theme. This is something that really has to be addressed on a per-theme basis, so there is simply nothing I can do to accommodate everyone (at least not beyond what I’ve already done).

But you know what? I’m not worried about everyone.

I’m worried about you, my savvy and excellent community of Cutline users.

So in order to show my appreciation, I’ve formatted my XHTML Sitemap specifically for you guys.

Download it now and follow my activation instructions to get it working!

If you do everything right, it’ll end up looking like this.

Note β€” all future downloads of the theme will come equipped with the sitemap.php file. So, if you download the entire theme now, you won’t have to deal with my special add-on here, ’cause you’ll already have the goods!

Update β€” The sitemap file linked above is only suitable for Cutline 1.03 or older, and it is not intended for use with Cutline 1.1 or WordPress 2.1. If you have Cutline 1.1 or higher, you already have the correct sitemap file, so no worries!


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  • jared

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of “Thanks, Chris.” By far the most painless theme change I’ve done. Your attention to detail is astonishing. Thanks.

  • Dennis

    Chris, quick question I am taking the Cutline theme and adjusting it to my liking. One thing I cant figure out for the life of me is where the CSS is to change the left and right sides to be a color other than white or use a pattern file.

  • Shane

    Hey Chris I left a comment a while back, here it is:

    “Here is a wierd problem that seems no one else has had. If you go to my sitemaps page the only internal blog post listed is the sitemap page itself. Now I am not crazy there are over 600 posts. I looked at the code it should list the last 1000 posts right? Do you have any ideas on this one? ”

    No more worries for me mate! I deactivated all the non essential plugins and it started to work. Still don’t know which plugin it was that was killing the sitemap, but really who cares right? As long as it works!

  • Mark

    Hi Chris,

    Another ‘thank-you-very-much-for-creating-such-a-brilliant-theme’ post.

    Will it be 100% compatible with the just released version 2.1 of WP?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Diwaker


    Cutline looks great! I’m contemplating using Cutline on my blog and wanted to ask a few questions:

    – why do only some particular pages show up on the top bar? How can I make all my top level pages show up there?

    – could you put up a list of plugins supported out of the box by Cutline?

    There were some that I can’t think of now. Expect to hear from me again pretty soon πŸ™‚

  • Alistair

    Love the theme and thanks for providing such good support.
    I was wondering if you could provide a breif run down on how to change the background colors- is it simply a case of changing the colors in the style sheet ? I have done this before on other themes but I noticed someone else saying that this would not work with yours ?

  • jared

    After upgrading to WP 2.1, I’ve run intro a side bar issue. The blogroll is pushed off to the right. Doesn’t matter if I use widgets or use the default sidebar. I reloaded a fresh default cutline theme, and got the same result. The error does not carry through to other themes. I removed all plugins, widgets, etc., but it doesn’t make any difference. Any idea? Screenshot of the error here:

  • Alex G

    I’ve got the same as Jared

  • Todd

    just wanted to say thanks (again) for the theme!

  • Matt O.

    Hi Chris,

    I’m playing with Cutline for a site that will be up soon. I tried the Sitemap with the link at the top like you’ve done, but then wondered why I needed both Archives and Sitemap pages. Why not just have a Sitemap, with the Categories or Pages at the top to make them easier to find, and get rid of the Archives page?

  • Eddie

    I encountered an interesting error with cutline:

    has anybody tried to implement the “related entries”-plugin, and to put the “?php related_posts(); ?” under the (p class=”tagged”) ?

    No matter what I try, the result always stays very small. I seems to be impossible to control the appearence with css. I tried to wrap a div around in, but it seems to have no effect.


    Somebody an idea?


  • Eddie

    Figured it out myself: just wrap the “related entries” in a (div class=”entry”) and it’ll work!

    It works paradoxically only with this class.

  • Jared

    The sidebar issue I wrote about above is caused by category limitations, either in Cutline or due to the widget sidebar requirements. My “friends & links” category, the default for links added to the blogroll, is category 61. Using any category past 9 results in the funky blogroll formatting. Renaming another category (lower than 9) and using that as my category for Friends & links seems to offer a workaround, although anyone affected will have to remember to edit their default categories every time a new link is added to the blogroll. Anyone found a better solution?

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Hi Chris,

    I think the guys at ripped of your Cutline theme w/o giving you any credits.

  • Alistair


    Thanks for a lovely theme πŸ™‚

    Is there a way of keeping the title of the blog but not displaying it ? I have put the title of my blog in the header image but still need a title for when it shows up in search engines or in bloglines , does that make sense ?

    Also (and if my last question did not make me look daft this one will) – Why does the feed address simply end in /feeed and not RSS2 like a lot of other feeds ?

  • Chris

    Alex G. β€” The font sizes were off because a tag was not closed properly within one of your posts.

    Diwaker β€” You have manual control over the pages that display in the top navigation. The reason why I felt it was necessary to do this instead of automate it was because some folks have tons of pages, and it would essentially ruin the header structure if I included every page.

    Also, off the top of my head, I know that Cutline seamlessly supports FlickrRSS, Subscribe to Comments, WordPress Widgets, and AdSense Deluxe. Plenty of others work as well, but those are probably the most notable.

    Matt O. β€” You can control which pages display in the navigation bar. Frankly, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to include archives and sitemap links in the same spot. To combat this, a lot of folks like to place the sitemap link in the footer.

    Jared, Alex G., and others β€” I will release an upgrade this week that will fix the blogroll issue with WordPress 2.1. Cutline 1.03 came with legacy support, and because I didn’t know what class name the WP team was going to use for the blogrolls, I couldn’t make the code forward-compatible.

    Sridhar β€” Yeah, that stinks. I can’t tell you how many times people blow the attribution link without giving two shakes about it. Of course, you’d like to see the entire community respect the work that you’ve done and provide proper credit, but the realist in me says that this isn’t always going to be the case.

    Either way, I don’t get as bent out of shape as I used to about it.

    To all who said thanks β€” Thank you!

  • Chris

    Alistair β€” You need to check out CSS image replacement techniques. Basically, all you have to do is specify a width, height, and background image on something like an <h1> element, and then also be sure to add this property: text-indent: -9999px. This will keep the actual text within the XHTML, but it will not display that text to users.

    Also, regarding the feed, that URI address is just fine because the default WordPress feed is, in fact, the RSS 2.0 feed.

  • Alistair

    Eak – that sounds complicated, will this sort of info be in the codex ?


  • Chris

    You might find it on a forum thread, but I think it’s far more likely that you’d find it through a simple Google search. Try “CSS Image Replacement Techniques,” and look for articles published in 2006.

  • travelblogger

    Chris, a thought and a question…

    Thought: You need a forum of some sort for Cutline. Asking off topic questions on a post is a poor way to organise one’s community of resources.

    Question: What do you think of this new 3-Column Cutline?
    Do you give it the thumbs up? Or is a cheap imitation?

    Thanks for a great theme πŸ™‚ I will be debuting my own site which will be using Cutline soon.

  • Alistair

    Hey, here is a funny thing – when I submit the sitemap to google using the webmaster tools it says it has errors.
    I submitted

    Any ideas ?

  • raf

    it’s normal that in the front page i don’t see the link to Sitemap?

    Should i create it?

    however sitemap page works well… πŸ˜‰

    thanks for all!

  • Daniel

    Just wanted to leave a note, after discovering something through experience — that, if you have pages you wish to NOT be displayed within the Sitemap page, then replace the following line in your Sitemap.php file from:


    (The numbers being the Page ID’s for the pages you wish to exclude — which you can locate via your Manage > Pages panel.)

    This is useful if you have a shopping cart or other plugin that requires additional pages for the application – but you don’t wish to be displayed unless they’re used.

  • Daniel


    I’m noticing suddenly that the W3C validator will not recognize the alt attribute for XHTML 1-transitional on the Sitemap page. Was there a specific reason that you chose to use the alt tag instead of title in these instances?

    The attribute was used in the Home link, as well the RSS feed links.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Daniel

    I was able to validate the Sitemap page by switching the fatalalt tags to title. Everything appears to be smooth once again.

    And apologies for the noticable lack of my closing a code tag up above. You may delete these comments if you wish.

  • Linda

    I got the sitemap to work fine (but have disabled it.) I’m wondering if there is a way to keep password protected pages from showing up on the sitemap?
    I love the cutline theme!

  • Marcelo Waldo

    Hello Chris,

    When I decided to launch my Blog, I spent hours and hours looking for the right theme. And when I found CutLine, I discovered a clean and balanced design, but it was just the top of the iceberg, because I see that you are a total professional providing tech support for all the users of your theme, and that’s really awesome! Your tips and answers help dramatically to everybody. And Just seeing your Blog with so many posts and commentaries is more than enough to see that you have an authority site.

    I am running cutline theme really smooth, I had some minor problems, but just reading your blog I fixed all of them.

    My final words in this commentary are like most people say: Thanks Chris ! you are a good friend to all of Us.

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  • DD

    I got the sitemap to work fine thanks

  • mbjorn

    I want to add a poll to my site. I’ve downloaded wp-poll. Where do I put the file? Please be as detailed as possible.

    Thank you.

  • Michael

    Just added the sitemap, works great, although on the sitemap and archives pages no categories show up.

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  • Ben

    Could someone help? I have the xhtml site map working but do not know how to set the xml page up in WP. Any assistance is appreciated in advance.


  • Patricia

    Weird little problem

    The whole right sidebar is shrunken and only seems to have partially applied the css…any thoughts? I think I followed all the directions pretty carefully, but obviously I goofed somewhere…

    BTW…Cutline is truly one of the most elegant and clean themes I’ve ever found. Thanks for taking the time to not only create this great theme but for supporting it! You’re the best.

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  • bill

    The Forums link does not seem to work.
    Is there another way to access the Forums?

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