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Taking The Cutline Communtiy To A New Level

August 26th, 2007 · 8 Comments · Cutline Mods

This is nothing more than a sneak preview, sneak preview because so far there are only official themes, mods for Cutline. But times are about to change. Starting today.

Let me present you our newest feature for Cutline: Cutline Theme Mods

When Brian created the Cutline Showcase we made a first step towards our communtiy, but today we bring this to a new level!

From now on every Cutliner can submit her/his own modification of Cutline for release and selected mods will be featured here on the Cutline homepage!

Of course, this would be totally irrelevant without a new Cutline Mod release, so watch this page for the featured Cutline Blue Modification to be released over the next days! Fully documented.

All downloads soon will be re-released with implemented Microformats.


8 Comments so far ↓

  • Jerry Roberts

    Is there any forum where users can post questions regarding Cutline? I’m sure there’s an active community somewhere, as you suggest. I just can’t find it! Thanks.

  • Franky

    Jerry, I am considering installing a forum. First tho I want to answer the main problem questions and if needed correct the downloads.

  • Neil

    The Front Page link does not navigate to the page in IE on the 2 machines I’ve tried it on but works fine in FF – where do I start looking for an answer?

    Cutline looks great BTW.

  • Franky

    Neil, rather hard to answer you on this one. Which front page link?

  • Neil

    Sorry if it wasn’t clear – the “Front Page” link itself – the one that takes you to the dashboard as an admin. Is it anything to do with the Permalinks structure – I’ve selected the option for “Name and date based” to get the Archive and About links to work. I also installed “Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin” to make my site private, i.e. requires an account and to be logged in to view the blog. Is there any error logging built into WordPress or Cutline that will help in uncovering the cause of any problem? (or anything that can be turned on or a plugin?)

  • Swiss

    That sounds gr8 !

  • Peter

    The link to the mods, doesn’t seem to work

  • scum

    How do I get my cutline websites in the showcase? Please email me.

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