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New Release – Featuring Widget Support!

September 21st, 2006 · 49 Comments · Release Notes

Vintage ticket that says Featuring WidgetsSure, but does it support widgets? Yes it does! Not only does this new, revamped version of Cutline support widgets, but it also contains a fix or two coupled with FlickrRSS and Google AdSense (or YPN) support.

Improvements, Fixes, and Updates

Here’s a list of what’s been changed in this release of Cutline:

  • Support for WordPress Widgets: Those of you who use widgets to control the content in your sidebar will appreciate the clean, consistent styles that will be applied as a result of this killer upgrade.
  • FlickrRSS Plugin support: Cutline was crafted so that you can apply maximum personality and style through the incorporation of your own pictures. Now, this theme features plug-and-play support for the FlickrRSS Plugin, so you’ll be able to bring those pics to the forefront with ease. Simply activate the plugin, adjust the settings per your liking within the Options panel, and boom!
  • AdSense and YPN support: Essentially, I’ve added two classes that will allow you to style your ads within posts. Because this topic is of particular interest to so many of you out there, I will address these changes in a separate post.
  • Individual comment links: Some of you may have picked up on this, but in the first release of the theme, the individual comment links didn’t work properly. I was lucky enough to stumble on this, though, and I fixed it up in time for this shiny new release.

Before you upgrade…

If you haven’t made any changes to your theme files, then you have nothing to worry about. Just overwrite them and have a good day.

If you’ve changed your header images, don’t overwrite the images folder within the Cutline directory! Don’t do it! Stop already!

If you’ve made a bunch of changes to your theme files, then your best bet may be to only replace the files that have changed for this release. Unfortunately, two of the files are the most commonly changed ones — sidebar.php and style.css. The third file is comments.php, and you likely won’t suffer at all if you replace that one.

The changes to the first two files are extensive, and I highly recommend that you overwrite both and start anew.

Pick up the latest version

You can get Cutline version 1.01 from the link in the sidebar, or else you can grab it right here.

Enjoy! Please hit me up in the comments if you spot any new bugs!


49 Comments so far ↓

  • Beth Cole


    Love the theme. Quick question, I get an error on my ftp client when I try to upload the .DS_Store file. What is this and is it essential? Thanks a ton.
    Beth Cole

  • Chris


    The .DS_Store file is a hidden file that is used only by your system. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) upload it to your FTP server.

  • Sean

    So, about this Adsense/YPN support – assuming it’s just the ‘entry .ad’ and ‘entry .ad_left’ additions to the stylesheet?

    I’ve got to track down a few header images to personalize it a bit and do a personal tweak or two here or there, but so far, a great looking theme, btw.

  • Emre

    Nice template but what about the translation to other languages? If I want to translate Cutline into Turkish, what should I do?

  • Chris


    I’ve never translated a theme into a different language, but I would suggest that you start at the WordPress Codex.

  • leyna

    can someone show me how to add widgets to the sidebar besides the provided widgets by wordpress.. like i want to put in my sidebar.. please HELP.. thank u

    I am so clueless, please provide me with step by step instructions

  • Philip

    Hi Chris,

    Love your work. Thanks for a great theme.

    I’ve installed widget support and that’s working cool, except I much prefered the original “SEARCH IT” option, with the text “To search, type and hit enter”. The new “search” widget is a bit dull, it’s just an open field with a search button underneath it.

    How would I go about restoring the original search option?

  • Chris

    Philip, this is precisely why I don’t like widgets.

    At any rate, you could simply copy the original search block from sidebar.php, and paste it outside of the PHP-conditional that toggles the use of widgets.

    To put it another way, insert the search block of code (including the <li class="widget"> lines) right after this line in sidebar.php:

    <ul class="sidebar_list">

  • Philip

    Thanks Chris, that worked a treat. This is a very minor point but my perfectionism is getting the better of me. It appears to be padding or adding one or two extra lines underneath the search bar i.e. there is extra spacing when compared to the other sidebar widgets. Any good ideas?



  • Chris

    Philip, your sidebar.php file now contains an extra <li class="widget"> that encompasses all of the “widgetized” sidebar elements.

    Remove that wrapper <li>, and that will fix your problem.

  • brian

    Hold the laughs. I’ve FTP’d the widget folder.. how do I activate widgets in Cutline?

    The files are there, but widgets are not accessible within my dashboard anywhere.

    I’ve seerched the site to no avail before asking..


  • brian

    Right there.. finally moved the files around to their appropriate folders.. the sidebar widget is showing up in my plugins.

    Thanks, I don’t want to waste your time since I found the answer.


  • Chris


    The widget folder needs to be uploaded to the plugins directory.

    Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is activate the widgets, like so:

    1. In your WordPress Administration panel, go to the Plugins tab.
    2. Look for the plugin called “Sidebar Widgets,” and activate it.
    3. You can configure your widgets (ha ha) by visiting the Presentation tab and then clicking on the Sidebar Widgets sub-navigation tab.
  • Chris

    Ha, I shouldn’t try so hard next time 🙂

  • brian

    I just experimented with the widgets, and they seem to go “in place” of whatever was in the sidebar by default. For instance, I pulled over the calendar, and changed nothing else, and the calendar was the only item displayed in the right sidebar. When I remove the widget, it goes back to display (the right sidebar) SEARCH IT! RECENT ENTRIES and LINKS


  • brian

    I’m really not this dumb, but I just saw:

    “Your theme will display its usual sidebar when this box is empty. Dragging widgets into this box will replace the usual sidebar with your customized sidebar.”

    🙂 I need to do some reading apparently..

  • Chris

    Shoot first and ask questions later!

    That’s my style, too 😉

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  • Glenn Hubbers

    Chris, love the Cutline theme. I am a novice when it comes to and coding. I just pick away until it works.
    I can get the sidebar widgets to work except for the King Widgets.

    They all seem to go haywire. The widget title appears right but the links beneath end up floating to the right of the sidebar.
    Any thoughts?

  • Chris


    This is the first I’ve heard of the King Widgets, and apparently, they’re not coded up the same way that the default WordPress widgets are. If they were, then they would display properly.

    Heck, not even WordPress has been able to fully implement a coding standard. I had to add about 2kB worth of junk CSS to the style.css file just to accommodate the inconsistent WordPress code, and unless everyone can agree on a standard, there’s no way I can build in support for an ever-growing list of special cases.

    Sooo, maybe you could suggest that to the author of the King Widgets!

  • Glenn Hubbers

    Thanks. Makes perfect sense. I had been using the King Widgets only in order to get the expandable menus in the sidebar, but it really was not what I wanted anyway.

    I have now switched gears and am trying to implement a multi level dropdown menu for the links bar which appears above the header image in Cutline.

    As I am new to CSS this will be a challenge!

    I’m keeping track of my steps and if it is successful I’ll send you a note.

  • Dave Butler

    Chris can you quickly notice why I’m getting that message and I get the folloing error message now when I log into the admin panel.

    widgets.php [weird error text that won’t display properly]
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

    I’d love to figure out how toa dd the widgets so I can throw in some adsense.

  • Chris


    There is likely code at the end of your widgets plugin file that sends <head> data back to WordPress. This information is already being sent by the template, so there’s no need to send it again.

    If you find out that this is true, simply delete the <head> code from the end of the widgets plugin file.

    If this is not the case, then perhaps you can tweak the available options for the widgets that you’re using.

    I know from experience that the regular Widgets Plugin from Automattic works like a charm right out of the box with Cutline, so perhaps you should try disabling all other plugins and see if that works.

    Also, if you want to throw in some AdSense, I don’t recommend using the widget to do so. Instead, use the AdSense Deluxe plugin, and you’ll get better results by including ads within your content.

  • Dave Butler


    Just to follow up it seems my old Mac was causing the problem. I think it was corrupting the files when I unzipped them. I used another unzipper program looks like it solved the problem.

    Next question-

    META and keywords descriptions – recommend something??? Not just the tags per post. How to you add it to the page code so its grapped by the search engine bots?

    Thanks again

  • mrugesh shah

    respected sir,

    I am new user of and also cutline.

    In one of the above comment you told that “The widget folder needs to be uploaded to the plugins directory.” but where i get that wideget folder.

    i just uploaded wordpress on my domain and activated cutline theme. now i want to show CATEGORIES, RECENT COMMENTS etc but when i go into presention menu, i am not getting any “sidebar wideget menu”

    please guide me sir.

  • Chris


    In order to activate widgets, you need to install the Widgets Plugin.

  • Drew

    Love the theme! I just installed it tonight. I am amazed that it can be this easy to work with a theme and wordpress. Beautiful.

    When are you adding the post on Google AdSense? I am quite interested, as this will be my sites main profit center.


  • Stan

    Total Newb question:
    I’ve installed cutline – but my sidebar doesn’t show up at all on the frontpage.
    It’s on the Archive page – but not on the front.

    Can you help?

  • Faith

    I know you will want to probably ignore this question…I’m really new to all of this (just learning about different things here and there). I’ve downloaded cutline, but I have no idea what to do next?! Do I need to sign up for hosting and a cpanel outside of the free hosting that wordpress offers? Do you have step-by-step training on what to do after you download the cutline theme?


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  • James Kent

    Hi Chris

    I really love the Cutline theme, having chosen it as the theme for my free WP blog –

    However, I have now got my own hosted version (via Bluehost) and really want to use Cutline with it.

    But it is extremely important for my readers to be able to choose from categories – as I blog about entertainment marketing and its various forms.

    I’m completely new to all this so is there a simple way for me to do it – appreciate any help and time you can give me, as I really do want to stick with Cutline!

    Kind regards

  • jonathan


    i am having a small issue.

    not all of my installed and activated plug-ins show as available plug-ins on the “sidebar widgets” management page.

    do i need to code my sidebar by hand?

  • Chris


    As long as you’ve installed the WordPress Widgets plugin, things ought to work fine. Not every widget has received specific styling treatment, but that should not affect whether or not a particular widget is displayed.

  • SFGary

    Hi Chris

    I have the WP sidebar widgets installed and activated and it shows up in yr. themes page. But I am unable to drag and drop any sidebar widget. All it does is highlight the word on the widget box when I click, hold and try to drag? What am I doing wrong, these are just the std. WP sidebar widgets…


  • Mitch

    Chris – First, thanks for your great theme.

    But … do you know if there is an issue with Cutline and WP 2.1? I’ve upgraded to 2.1 and everything seems to work fine, except everything on the Links sidebar widget displays without the proper styling. Everything was working fine under WP 2.0.x.


    See for example.

    Thanks again …

  • Dave C.

    Hi Chris,

    I love Cutline. I’m just getting into making it more customized, haven’t touched the templates at all, but as I was setting up the widgets, something happened. Everything was fine for awhile, but now all of a sudden, my sidebar is down below my posts. Please check for reference.

    My luck is you’ll go there and it will look fine to you, but if you have some input, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for all your hard work here.


  • Dave C.

    Nevermind Chris. I figured it out. I forgot the closing ” on a link and it made the whole page go nuts. Very strange, but I got it cleared up.

  • Drew


    When will you be addressing the Cutline and Google AdSense issue? I want to use some ads on my site, in the actual article, but haven’t a clue as to how.


  • Tom

    I installed the cutline plugin, how come when I try to use the search feature in the sidebar it just takes me back to the home page ???

  • Katherine

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for a beautiful theme. I’m getting it set up over at my website, I got widgets enabled, and am able to arrange them just fine, but I can’t figure out how to customize the “text” widget — I want to create an “About 400 Words” type entry for the sidebar. But I don’t see the thing I’m supposed to click on to be able to edit the content of the text widget. Any ideas? Thanks…

  • John


    Have uploaded Cutline 2.0 for 2.3.2 and I have to say it works a treat. Only problem is Archive activation doesn’t seem to work, but as someone else has already asked you about that, I will wait until you answer them; but that niggle aside 5 stars for design and implementation and clear instructions!! 🙂

  • jose modesto

    Hey dude,,

    I added adsense to your template, but I want to use them inside posts,,,

    You say here that there is a widget that lets me do this,,, please help me 🙂

    Excellent theme!

  • Ronnie Ann

    Hi Chris!

    I hope you can help. I’m using a version of Cutline Split that I got from Courtney Tuttle’s website. I love your theme and it looks great in most browsers, but the right sidebar is below the content in IE 6.0.

    If I downloaded and installed the theme from your site, would that fix the problem? Is it hard to do this transfer? I’m kind of a newbie.


    Ronnie Ann

  • Ronnie Ann

    Never mind Chris! I figured it out. I hope. Sorry to have asked such a basic question. Still can’t find where to tweak the tabs yet. But I’m working on it.

    Thanks MUCH for a beautiful theme.

    Ronnie Ann

  • Katy Pension

    Thanks for the information, i posted your blog to my facebook group in the category `New Release – Featuring Widget Support!`. Regards, Katy

  • Gedichte

    Hello from Germany! May i quote a post a translated part of your blog with a link to you? I’ve tried to contact you for the topic New Release – Featuring Widget Support!, but i got no answer, please reply when you have a moment, thanks, Gedichte

    • Ronnie Ann

      HI Gedichte! Thank you for asking. (Sorry to the rest of the forum. 😉 ) I am happy to have my blog articles quoted, but prefer that you take no more than two paragraphs and make sure my blog is clearly mentioned along with a link.

      If you need to contact me, my e-address can be found in my About section. Good luck!

  • Alexa Beratung

    I just want to say thanks for this interesting thread about New Release – Featuring Widget Support!! Regards, Alexa Beratung

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