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New Cutline Forums Online

February 27th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Site Updates

It took quite some time, as we had to wrack our brains to see how we can better organize the new forums. And so the new Cutline support forum is online. This includes two new main areas: the community support forum and the premium support forum.

The community support forum will, like before, let Cutline users exchange ideas, tips, mods, and fixes. Anyone is free to post and respond here (and we do encourage everyone to do so).

The premium support area is basically the paid version of the community support. This will not only include discussions among community mebmers, though. The folks who currently maintain Cutline (meaning Splashpress Media) will also directly respond to inquiries here. We know we’ve been a bit busy with replying elsewhere, but now that the forum is part of our business plan (meaning we get a small return in exchange for our time and effort in responding), we will definitely have a faster turnaround.
Monthly subscription is $3.99 per month, charged annually.

If you have more urgent concerns, we would be happy to help you if you can get in touch with us directly. Simple fixes would, of course, be free (or you can send us beer, tea or espresso), but more complicated ones would have to be charged the usual rate.

The old forum is archived here, as we know there is still a treasure chest of knowledge (and discussion) stored there.

We hope to see you at the new forum!

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  • payam


  • the taxidermist

    I cant post in the forums… Whats the deal are they dead? I need some help on a few things…

  • APerson

    Why have I been BANNED from the forum? I have used Cutline for a long time and, when things stopped working properly, came to the forum to find out what was going wrong only to find that I have been BANNED for “spamming.” At the moment, I’m VERY disgusted.

    • Cutline Moderator

      You probably posted some post title that’s been moderated and looks spammy. Register again and repost your problem. We’re strict about spam there because it’s very aggressive on the forums.

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  • Onlinemoneymachine

    I use this theme in my website and i love it . But there is one problem or one understanding from me. In the footer the sitemap was not found. That was just for example or my links are not good ?

  • Miami Web Design Services

    Awesome to see the Cutline forums up! Cutline is really top of the line when it comes to a free wordpress theme!

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