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Major Problems? Have Your Say Here

December 3rd, 2007 · 80 Comments · Site Updates

So, I have been looking at setting aside some serious time for Cutline, and so what I need from all of you is to comment on this post what your major problems, issues, and shortcomings with the theme currently are. I don’t want CSS nitpicks, though if you have the solution for any CSS problems, please let me know. I’d love to make this more of a community project, as I am not the greatest mind in WordPress themes, but I do know WordPress fairly well.

So if you have a major issue, please let me know. I will be working from the blog, and as such your comments. We will be shutting down the forum, and you can always direct any Cutline problems my way via david [at]


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  • the taxidermist

    Its not a big problem, But the way my site is structured I need my title bar in my catagories to display more than just the catagory name and site name. ie I want a description like you can do with ‘all in one seo’ for a post.

    so right now its
    “catagory name” | “site name”
    and I want it to be
    “keyprase”, “keyprase” ect… | “site name”

    Is there a way to get the title bar to referece the catagory description?

  • the taxidermist

    SEO Title Tag 2.1.1

    I shudda Looked 1st! This should do the trick,,, by edit my misspelling *Category ; )

  • Rick McCharles

    Love the theme.

    YouTube videos will not show in

    But I have another Cutline site where they do:

    I am reluctant to update theme versions, or WordPress versions, because I do not want to spend the time redoing the few hacks I have added.

    e.g. bigger font

  • Rick McCharles

    One slight downside to Cutline is that I get no EDIT link (when I am logged in) to immediately make changes to a published post.

    I must go in to WP admin. That’s slower.

  • Rick McCharles

    A big selling point of Cutline are the special blockquote classes.

    But if you LATER want to change themes, you have the Cutline specific blockquotes on your old posts.

    I’ve been included both. For example:

    align=”right” border=”0″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″ blockquote class=”right off”

    No doubt this is bad form.

    I would have been happier with the ability to opt in and out of the Cutline blockquotes. I wish they were a plugin, not built-in.

  • Rick McCharles

    THANKS again, David.

    Not many themes are brave enough to ask, “what your major problems, issues, and shortcomings”.

    You are a stand up guy.

  • terry

    I can’t get the tri-column version to work for seperate pages. I have tried EVERY solution recommended in these pages. I don’t think I am alone. I am not a wordpress techie but I have some technical experience to draw from but I’m a little lost. Isn’t there an easier way?

  • Dr bobbi Anne white

    I have two blogs both with cutline 1.1 I tried making the “about” page with the “dog”slug and uploading the new header, but then I got a parsing for both my blogs /blogg and /blog the About page brings up the sitemap

  • the taxidermist

    whats the permalink code for post names, I saw it the other day but I cant find it anymore
    Im using /%postname%/ and thats not working its using post number…

  • the taxidermist

    My search doesn’t work in Fire Fox and hardly works in IE for some reason… Any help?

  • Sam

    It would be great to have an option to display a border around the page, as wide as the content. At the same time, put a background on the outside layer. tks,

  • Ben

    I notice that when I create a new page (not post) all the text is underlined and links to the wp-admin page of my site. This super-long link stops at a real link. The text following the real link is normal. Any tips?

  • June Dodge

    I am using Cutland for several Parent Associations – they would like to have a slightly different look for each of the schools – a different header – different colors, if possible different top navigation bar, and maybe different sidebar – but the header and different colors for links would be a a great start for me. I have to have this done in posts not in pages. With so many people having access I gave them only access to edit posts… Anyway, this is my major need/wish/dream.

  • A Person

    I’ve been trying and trying to get the random headers to work – without any success. I’ve also posted on the forum and the suggestions provided so far also don’t work. I would REALLY like to find out what to do in order to get my header images to change.

  • V.K. Rajagopalan

    When I create a wordpress page (not post), on the right side under “Page Template”, there are three options:
    Default template, Sitemap & Archives.

    I want to create a user-defined page template which should also show in this dropdown. How to create and how to make it show in this dropdown?

    I would appreciate any help in this regard.


  • Mike

    Hi, I have a page at

    I have noticed in my footer that I have “Loading….
    $codeStr = ”;

    Althought I never noticed the Loading…… portion it.

    I have noticed in the footer if I take out the part
    …..php wp_footer()…..
    that this “error” goes away.

    Just curious what this is for. Thank you!

  • Mike

    NEVER MIND – My hit tail pluggin is causing it for some reasone!

  • brant collins

    links at top do not link to correct pages? Where and how do I fix. If I go to the “about” page the url link is and not the

    If I add pages they do not show up in the navigation

  • liberalgeek

    I have found a slight error in rendering in firefox. After posting a comment, the wp-comment-post.php redirects back to the comment that you just posted(e.g., but with cutline, it doesn’t seem to make it down to the actual last comment on that redirect, usually stopping a few comment north of it.

    Oddly enough, reloading the url will get you to the expected placement. I even tried recoding the wp-comment-post.php to just redirect to the comment box, but I got the same behavior.

    Otherwise, I love the theme and find it to be quite flexible and easy to modify (although I haven’t had to change much).

  • MissKnowItAll

    I don’t know about nitpicking, but I use Xenu to check my links and it comes up saying I have a custom.css missing. I redownloaded your cutline split 11 and there wasn’t one there either (which I didn’t think there would be but was hoping). Why is it asking me for a customized css? I don’t have a clue how to even go about doing that. Where do I look for this?

  • William Tell

    I installed Cutline and like it pretty well. However, since the theme is monolingual, I had to hard-code “Kategorie” instead of “Category” and so on. Chasing the three or four varieties of “0 comments” also had me busy for a while. That being said, *fanfare”, what about multi-language support?

  • Franco

    I’m pretty new to all this, so perhaps I’ve just made a big ol’ mess, but I’m having trouble with accessing certain pages. I chose our About page as the static front page. I currently have the permalink structure set to default, and my recent entry links work, but when i try to access the archives or the post page, i get a page not found error. When I change the permalink structure the problem is reversed! Ack!

  • Cyndi

    Thanks for a lovely theme and the support. I’m new to WP and have only managed a few code changes. I haven’t figured out CSS yet. There are a few things I’m not crazy about with Cutline, but when I searched the theme dir at WP, nothing else was better. I am using the 3-column split.

    I really want tags (not categories labelled tags) to show up at the bottom of every post (along with the categories), something Cutline doesn’t do. I managed to change this in the code though (in several theme files). It works except I just can’t get the punctuation right, though that’s okay.

    I want the author of the post to be listed.

    I want an edit button.

    I guess this is ordinary CSS but I want my category and post title lists in the sidebar to be more compact (while maintaining your indentations for subcats and a mark at the beginning of each entry, things a lot of themes don’t do).

    Most of all, I want a fluid width. I hate that I have to make my photos small (500 pixels wide) so they don’t overlap the right sidebar. This happens no matter how wide I make the browser window. I’m trying to recode it but haven’t gotten it to work. I realize that fluid vs fixed width is a WP theme option, but it would be nice if you had one of each or a way to switch.

    I like the header randomizer btw, though I had to fix a typo. It had 770 width instead of 970 (970 is from the cutline version I’m using).

    Thanks again!

  • George

    This is a great theme. My only challenge is when I update a post which include You Tube video embedded, the code becomes corrupted and the page is out of alignment and the sidebars become a mess. Is there a hack to preserve the you tube code so I don’t lose the integrity of the site ?

  • Jane Day

    Please clue in the poor f*#ks on the forum that you’re shutting it down — or at least link to the blog post where you mention that it’s no longer supported.

    Too bad — I always get more help from a forum community than from an individual developer’s blog.

    Sorry for the attitude, but it’s from dissapointment at ending the forum. Its existence was a deciding factor on going with a modified Cutline as basis for a new client’s site.

  • Sherri

    I love the 3-column cutline layout, but like another poster above I, too, have tried everything to get my pages to display all to no avail. The only tab that displays in the top navbar is HOME. What’s the trick?

  • Emily Smith

    I am so new, I’m squeaky. Having major problems right off the bat. For instance, I Can’t For The Life of Me figure out how to get simple TEXT into a post…Can get the title, description, etc. and so on…but can’t get text into the post. Big problem.

    Second, when I go to make a comment on the page as a regular user, I get 405 message that the website cannot display the page.

    Also, I have enabled the Archives, but there is no Archive page that will display. Get the 404 message.

    Also, can’t get text into the About page.

    Enough problems for one post. IS THERE Anyone who can help with this?

  • V.K. Rajagopalan

    I have been using Cutline v1.1 with this site of mine.

    Now, I am setting up a new blog using WP2.3. The blog is

    So, I am customizing Cutline 2.0 for WP2.3.

    I do not find the custom.css in this new version. It was there in cutline v1.1. Has it been done away with?

    If I have to make changes to CSS, do I now have to do it in style.css only?


  • Michael Crook

    I tried to install a couple different versions of cutline on my blog and ran into some serious DB error feedback and don’t know enough to figure out what the problem is. I’d appreciate if you could take the time to look at what might be going on? Feel free to send me an e-mail if you need information.

    A text file with the errors is available here.

    This is what the page looks like when I try to load it.

    I appreciate the support if you’ve got the time.

  • Vimm

    Here’s an option I could really use… variable width! The days of the 800×600 desktop are over, and when I’m looking at my 22″ widescreen monitor I want to use the whole screen!

  • Mario

    The hspace and vspace attributes in uploaded images don’t work.

  • jayanthi

    Clicking on “1 Comment” doesn’t link to the comment. It leads to a page with the original article where you can scroll to the bottom to see the comment.
    Real net-savvy bloggers won’t have the patience for this. Is there anything you can do to make posting a comment a bit smoother?

  • Jerry Leventer

    I’d like to enter my vote that you keep developing Cutline version 1.1. In particular I prefer the 3-column Right version. I tried version 2.0 and I do not like it as much compared to v1.1.

    The navigation bar is especially less than desirable in v2.0.

    Also, my floating sidebars do not display at all in v2.0, whereas v1.1 displays them properly.

    If you wanted to bring the look-and-feel of v1.1 to v2.0, I would support that.

  • Binary Blonde

    I gotta say that I am in love with Cutline. I am so happy that it is not going to be left to rot. Seems like a waste if that were to happen.

    As for issues with it, I second the suggestion Rick (#4) mentioned. I would love an “edit” link on the posts. Also, it would be nice if the search widget was styled. As of now, I am using a hack that I found in the forums for the search and it is hard-coded in above all my sidebar widgets.

    I used the 3-column split version, by the way.

  • Andrea

    I like the overall look and feel of Cutline. The only real problem I would like to see fixed is the widget implementation in the 3 column, 2 right sidebars version. For some reason the far right sidebar doesn’t work in Widgets Admin and has to be hard coded. Fixing this would be great!


  • Retire Blogger

    I’m using cutline 1.1 for my site. And for the life of me, I can’ figure out how to get the title for the home page to show in the title bar? It only shows the URL.

    All the post pages show the titles correctly. Only the main page has this problem. Where do I go to fix it. Point me in the right direction and I’ll find my way.


  • Webmaster Bellas Venezolanas

    Hi. I have Cutline 3 columns on my blog, and I have 3 questions:
    1. How can I activate the Sitemap?
    2. How can I change the Header menu (Front, About, Archives)?
    3. How can I activate the About and Archives Pages?


  • Webmaster Bellas Venezolanas

    Sorry. Cutline 1.1 and WP 2.3.2.

    And I vote for the “Edit” label in each post and search custom…

  • Emily Smith

    I really like Cutline…But, why do the widgets start looking differently if you move away from the default arrangement? I’d like to rearrange the widgets in the sidebars, but don’t want them to look or act differently just because I moved them around….?

  • jane day

    Would really think about an overhaul of the stylesheet, even if it meant those using the custom stylesheet had to re-do their work.

    Have some across themes with much more elegant (minimal) CSS.

  • Mark O'Toole

    Hi I am trying to setup cutline 1.1 but cannot get the archives page working. I keep getting a 404 error. I cannot see any solution to this on the web. I have checked the ‘archive’ box in the template options to no avail?

    any help would be greatly appreciated..



  • Sunny

    I also can’t open the About Page….and the page I created does not show up. Moreover, once I go into the Categories or Archives section, the links to the posts all become dead.

    I also have trouble displaying search results.

    Would appreciate if you could give me some guidance on how to fix those problems.

  • Tony

    I have tried for hours, but I can’t add a new category to my blog, I am running wordpress 2.3.3.
    Have searched numerous forums, tried disabling javascript in Firefox, what next? This is my first experience with WordPress and I am tempted to go over to Blogger as I do not want to waste any more precious time.

  • Travis

    I’m trying to create a new page template in addition to Default, Archives, and Sitemap. I can get it to show up in the list, but no content shows up in my template body. All I want to do is a have a few more template choices that include or do not include the left and right sidebars. How do to this?


  • Karen Weir

    This may seem silly, but… my blog has 3 links on top… Front Page, Archives and About… by default (it would appear). The Archives and About go to error pages, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’d love to add other “pages” there as well as get these ones working…


  • Emily Smith

    Karen, those links appear their by default in your Header.php file, which you can change by going to your admin page, clicking on Dashboard, theme appearance (i think), and choosing Header.php from the left menu of files. You will need to locate the code for those links and copy, paste, and modify it to have a new link show for a new page in your header file, when and if you want to add new pages.

    To get your Archives to work, you need to go to Write, click on Page. Type Archives as your page header, select the ARCHIVES page template on the left hand (click the plus sign to open the template section on the left), and save it. Then you will need to click Activate Archives under the Cutline Options (I believe that’s where it is.)

    To recap for the Archives, the link is already there in the header, so no need to change that. You will need to WRITE the Page (being careful to use the Archives Template), and then ACTIVATE the Archives option in the Cutline theme.

    TO activate your About Page, you will need to WRITE a page, name it About, select the basic template, and then put whatever you want into the body of the page, and you’re done.

    To add NEW pages to the header, cut and paste the appropriate code (find the code that controls the Archives page and the About page in your header.php doc). Then, you will need to Write the page, select your template, etc., just like you did for the About page.

    Ask me how long it took me to figure that out… Hahahaha.


  • Emily Smith

    Anybody know how to get two lines into the Widget Headers? Can’t seem to get code to stick in the text there, and can’t figure out how to change the style sheet to allow a second line…??

  • Webmaster Bellas Venezolanas

    I got tired waiting for an answer and changed my theme…

  • Annie

    I must have a unique problem? My blog roll doesn’t show right. I can’t figure out what my problem is. 🙁 I’m just adding links through WP like normal I think?

  • Emily Smith

    annie… can you send me a printscreen of both your website front page (that shows your blog roll links) and your widget admin page (that shows the order and selection of widgets)?
    You can send those to eesmith at and I will take a look for you. –E.

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