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Major Problems? Have Your Say Here

December 3rd, 2007 · 80 Comments · Site Updates

So, I have been looking at setting aside some serious time for Cutline, and so what I need from all of you is to comment on this post what your major problems, issues, and shortcomings with the theme currently are. I don’t want CSS nitpicks, though if you have the solution for any CSS problems, please let me know. I’d love to make this more of a community project, as I am not the greatest mind in WordPress themes, but I do know WordPress fairly well.

So if you have a major issue, please let me know. I will be working from the blog, and as such your comments. We will be shutting down the forum, and you can always direct any Cutline problems my way via david [at]


80 Comments so far ↓

  • kw

    forst of all thanks a lot for the lovely theme!!!

    For some reason the ‘submit a comment’ button does not show in the IE even though it works just fine in Firefox. Any ideas?

  • FCGrabo

    I’m using Cutline 3-column split for the new website I’m building. It’s taken awhile but things are nearing completion.

    I’ve added a tab to the Nav bar that says “Favorites”. I’ve created a Favorites Page and I want to put a dozen articles I’ve written on the page using each one’s title to link to the full article. I’ve created Child Pages for each of the articles and it works ok. BUT, the graphic displayed at the top of the page for each article is the graphic for the 404 page.

    I’m wondering how I can have each article display on the Favorites page with the Favorites graphic pic I’ve made.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Mark

    I have used Cutline 3 split for ever. i just got the new version for a new site. For some reason I do not get a place for people to comment om the posts. Any ideas. I have the setting rights ???

    • catherine piault


      I wondered if you finally found out how to make a place availble for people to comment your posts on cutline . It’s a headacke isn’t it

      Thank you very much for your help what ever you can do

      kind regards
      catherine piault

  • Amir Kashif

    I’m just starting out and would like to know how to change the subtitle from grey to green.

    I was able to change the main title to red which i do like… can you assist.

    I don’t know where to look and don’t exactly know what I’m looking for…


  • xo

    hi all, thanks so much for the theme.

    been working on my cutline blog for a few days now – custom css only – and it just about looks right. in browsing for support on the last few things though, i keep running into solutions involving additional html and php modifications. would it be an idea to have a seperate section on modifying the theme with the custom css upgrade only? due to the overlap it’s virtually impossible to find out what both the limits and the possibilities are.


  • mark

    Also trouble to get authors to display…

  • emily

    i want to change to cutline but there is zero margin on the left side! besides that it looks good, but that one problem is really aesthetically stupid. everything is smooshed up against the left side of the screen. :/

  • Rusty

    I have been playing around with Cutline three column version and notice in IE 7.0 that the third column drops below the bottom of the center content. I know….IE browser, but I had to check it worked across the board. It doesn’t happen in earlier versions of IE and of course my favorite, Firefox. Any script recommendations?


  • Diana Ward

    I love Cutline 3 column split. In fact, I’m using a slightly customized version on about 150 blogs I’m slowly developing. Of course, then, I’m very interested in whether the 3 column versions will continue to be developed?

    Re. problems – One problem I’ve run into is that, although I am uploading just one set of files to set up every blog, for some reason the post font (sidebars are fine) on various domains comes up larger or smaller than on other domains. Since the domains are all on the same server, and replacing the stylesheet for a large post blog with one from a small post blog or with the original stylesheet from the uncustomized theme makes no change, I am mystified about this. Any suggestions?

    On some blogs, such as, the post font is far too small for comfortable reading. It must be caused by something simple, but apparently I am even more simple than the problem. Thanks to anyone who can offer a suggestion.

  • Diana Ward

    Forgot to add that this problem is most obvious in Firefox 2.0

  • leimrod

    I have an issue with the widgets on the right hand side column. I can’t reorganize them. When I go to the Widgets page it shows that there are no widgets installed in the right column and when I add one all of the default ones disappear. Is there anyway of changing this?

  • George

    I love the theme but sometimes I am shocked to find the right side bar is not on the right side at all but below the blogroll at the bottom- in IE7 only. Firefox is fine. I suspect it is a sizing issue with photos or youtube embed code size but it seems to creep back up on me after I thought the issue was fixed.. Any suggestions? Great theme and easy to use.

  • nancy

    Emily! Thank you a zagillion times. I followed your easy instructions and it worked. And, it was easy.

    Let’s see if it sticks.

    thanks again for taking the time to do the instructions

  • Ken

    Thank you for your amazing themes, I am trying to use the one with the laft and right widget side bars, and for some reason it shows fine in Safari, Firefox, Opera, but in IE the right bar shows at the very bottom of the site, not in line with the left bar. Do you have any suggestions??


  • baloot


    i’d download your cutline. and had 1 problem when i add ‘readmore’ tag on post.

    but, the problem is gone when im not adding ‘readmore’ tag.

    here’s the picture of my problem:

    or you can take a look at my post here for what i mean on that picture:

    i try to add (br)(/br) before that paragraph, but the problem still not solve.

    (sorry, my english not so good)

    can u solve my problem?

  • Kathy Joyce

    I am using Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1 with wordpress and have inserted my own header in the header file. It works fine on the home page but as soon as you click on other bog posts the header changes to a different one. I have tried deleting the other header images included in the header file but no success.
    Here is the code in my header file.

    <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”; charset=” />

    <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress ” />

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />
    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/custom.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

    <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/ie7.css” media=”screen” />

    <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/ie6.css” media=”screen” />

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=” RSS Feed” href=”” />
    <link rel=”pingback” href=”” />

    <img src=”/images/dating-header.jpg” width=”970″ height=”140″ alt=” header image 1″ title=” header image 1″ />

    <img src=”/images/header_2.jpg” width=”970″ height=”140″ alt=” header image 2″ title=” header image 3″ />

    <img src=”/images/header_4.jpg” width=”970″ height=”140″ alt=” header image 4″ title=” header image 4″ />

    <img src=”/images/header_5.jpg” width=”970″ height=”140″ alt=” header image 5″ title=” header image 5″ />

    <a href=””>front page
    <a href=”Online Dating”>Online Dating
    <a href=”/about/”>about
    <a href=””>RSS

    Any ideas as to how I can make sure that only my header shows up?

    Kathy Joyce

  • Jerry Leventer

    Kathy, In your header.php file, find the element tag and replace everything between that and the terminating element tag with the following:

    <img src=”/images/YOUR_HEADER.jpg” width=”970″ height=”140″ alt=” Header Image” title=” Header Image” />

    Replace YOUR_HEADER.jpg with your image file name. That should do it.

  • Jerry Leventer

    This WordPress Comment Script removed my code statements. You can’t put php code in this comment box.

  • Kathy Joyce

    Hi Jerry
    Thank you for your help with my header file. I’m so sorry that I removed your code statements, I didn’t know that You couldn’t put php code in the comment box.

    Kind Regards
    Kathy Joyce

  • Elaine Reese

    I would like to reduce the font size of the Title and Page Titles that appear above my custom header. They currently take up too much space and tend to look gaudy. How do I do that?

  • Lydia


    I’ve been using Cutline happily for the past 3 months. No problems so far. I’ve come to the point, however, that I need a language translator on my blog as many of my readers don’t read english. Most of the ones I’ve found, google, babelfish, etc., have java script which seems to be rejected by cutline.

    Could you help me out with this? I need a simple language translator on my sidebar that will do the trick.


  • Jerry Leventer

    Elaine: You may want to try the Community Forum to get your answer. It may already be posted in there.

    Without looking in too much detail, I would suppose you could use Firefox Developers Add-on tool and find what stylesheet (style.css) element is affecting those fonts. Then create a custom style-custom.css override file and make the font changes there. Some of this is explained in the forum.

    See if that provides the help you need.

  • Diana Ward

    Love this theme and am using my slightly customized version of the 3 column right on a pack of blogs. My only problem, now that I figured out what was messing up my post text size (javascript in the left column) is that I too would like the option to rotate header images on some sites, but can’t get it to work.

  • Hellen

    Can you tell me why my side bar is bein placed at the bottom on cutline theme?

    • Jerry Leventer

      Hellen: One of your posts may have text, a link, or an image that is too long, and extending into the sidebar area. This will force the sidebar to shift position.

  • Cris McConkey

    I would like to see an option for variable width.

  • medyum

    I have used Cutline 3 split for ever. i just got the new version for a new site. For some reason I do not get a place for people to comment om the posts. Any ideas. I have the setting rights ???

  • medyum

    Thank you very much for everything

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