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How To Add A Background To Cutline

October 28th, 2007 · 22 Comments · Release Notes

Although Cutline shines through its usage of Whitespace, many times one wants to add a background to a theme. Adding a background to Cutline is one of the easier things to do when it comes to modding, all you have to do is wrap the complete content container in a new div.

You need to edit your header.php and the footer.php for this and add the new container and background to the stylesheet of your theme.
Lets look at the recently released Cutline 1.1 Blue how you can add your favorite background.

Cutline 1.1 Blue has a gradient image as background, completed with the background color.


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  • nopstar

    I apologize for posting this here, but there has been no answer to the Cutline 2.0 post.

    Your Demo isn’t working… I would love to upgrade but would like to see where I’m about to leap to.


  • LiveMtl

    Instructions on how to do this would be nice..

  • LiveMtl

    Instructions on how to do this would be nice….

  • Donna

    Why is there no responses to any post this is very discouraging. We all love the theme or we would not be using it. But why no help

  • Butler

    I like the white background way more than that blue on the cutline/mods website.

  • Jay McGillicuddy

    He must be very busy, I wish I knew how to change the background color too.

  • Law School Blog

    *Cough* Cutline v2 demo page not working *Cough*

  • tricky

    I really would like a follow up on this with instructions as well

  • MarkyMark

    Have you guys looked at Chris Pearson’s new Neoclassical theme at

  • aaron thompson

    hello, Im using wordpress and cutline that I’m now getting hosted and there is not a custom image header option like there was when I was using cutline a theme for my wordpress blog. Any help?

  • Missy

    Hi—Markymark: The neoclassical theme is nice. I just like my sidebars both on the right, as opposed to split.

    But it is sharp, crisp and has a 3-D’ish quality to it. Thanxs for the link to it.

    P.S. I’m presently using the Cutline 3 column on my vegetarian blog, Groovy Veg, and am in the process of making some minor tweaks to it.

  • Publicidad En Internet

    When will you fix the cutline 1.1 blue demo?

  • Kerry

    Running WP 2.5 + Cutline 2.1 – I don’t know a lick of CSS, and tried for a while to figure out this background stuff.

    In header.php, above I defined a new container and closed it out all the way at the bottom of the file.

    In footer.php, above I defined the same container and closed it out right above

    Then, in style.css, below /*—:[ core layout elements ]:—*/ I defined the style for my new container:

    #pagebody {width: 896px; padding: 20px; background: #FFF; margin: 20px auto 10px auto; text-align: center; }

    Obviously the color for this container needs to be different than the color specified at the top of style.css under: body { background: #333333; }

    I’m posting this here for the CSS illiterate like myself.

  • teddy

    what lines are you adding the container in? I cannoot get this to work.

  • purpley

    I can’t seem to figure it out either! If I add a new container, the content all shifts to the left and the background still doesn’t show.

    And where is this cutline blue – he is referring to? It would be so easy to just see how that one works.

  • purpley

    It took me forever. But I took Kerry’s instructions. I made the new container “pagebody” the same width as the header. I entered it right AFTER the container division in the header, and closed it at the end of header.

    Right after that, I entered another pagebody division, and closed it in the footer file.

    That seems to work, and leaves the whitespace in the text. However, i have a break between the header and the container. But I can’t spend anymore time figuring out how to get rid of it. If anyone knows, let me know!

  • moserw

    Really love the simple interface. Great for blogs where content needs to be highlighted. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike

    The link to Cutline 1.1 Blue is not work

  • cp

    I was having issues with the wrap, it seemed as though the body’s bg color was overriding anything I did in regards to wrapping the header and footer.

    The quickest way to do this is just put background: #5f5f5f; replacing 5f5f5f with your color of choice in your stylesheet inside container, masthead, header_img, and footer sections.

    Like so:

    #container { width: 1200px; background: #acb4b8; margin: 0px auto 0 auto; }

    #content_box { width: 1200x; background:#acb4b8; othercode would be here }

    This was done in the cutline theme. I want to add, in case the author read this, great theme. Consider adding the code to wrap the content but comment it out maybe. Would of saved a css noob like me 6 hours of reading and trial/error.

  • Online Shopping Centre

    Thats great, can’t believe its that simple. Many thanks for sharing it with the wordpress community.

  • meditationguru

    i’ll try changing background today. does it work for 2.2 cutline theme?

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