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Enabling the “About” and “Archives” Pages on Cutline

June 23rd, 2008 · 27 Comments · How To

Hi folks. The last update on the Cutline blog was ages ago, and I feel it’s time to keep things fresh, at least to the extent that we can. Recently, we have been receiving a handful of support inquiries on how to enable the “about” and “archives” pages that come linked on the Cutline header by default. Well, the answer here should be simple as explained in one of our earlier instruction posts, and it has even been expounded upon right here, just in case your permalink structure is a bit different from what how we would usually do it.

Simply put, Cutline’s navigation bar links to the Archives and About pages will work if you have static pages published with the page slug as /archives and /about, respectively.

This means that under the WordPress admin panel, you navigate down to WritePage and then input the following:

For the archives page

  1. Title: Archives (or whatever title you want the page to have)
  2. Page slug: archives

And then click publish. The archives page should take care of itself. Cutline will automatically publish a page with your archives organized according to month and category (or tag, if your WP version supports it), as long as there is a page called “archives” and your permalink structure is set correctly.

For the about page

  1. Title: About (or whatever title you want the page to have)
  2. Page slug: about
  3. Input your desired about text in the text field

And then hit publish. For the about page, you actually need to have something in the text field or else the about page will be blank (just the title).

If you have done these and still the About and Archive pages do not appear properly, then maybe you have a different permalink structure or setup. You can resolve this by either of the following means:

First, under OptionsPermalinks you have to set your permalink structure to have the following parameter defined:


So it could either be


or even


or anything else, as long as the %postname% parameter is included. This ensures that WordPress calls the pages with slug “about” or “archives” when these are accessed via the header navigation links.

If you’re running WordPress using the default permalink structure, you can edit the header.php file such that you change the links to /about and /archives. Simply look for these lines:

<li><a <?php if (is_page('about')) echo('class="current" '); ?>href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/about/">about</a></li>

and replace the part that says is_page('about') with is_page(##), where ## is the page ID of your About page.

And also replace the part that says <?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/about/">about</a> with <?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/?p=##">about</a> where ## is the page ID of your About page.

Note that page IDs can be found under ManagePages.

Same with the Archives page. Simply look for the line that says

<li><a <?php if (is_archive() || is_page('archives')) echo('class="current" '); ?>href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/archives/">archives</a></li>

and replace is_page('archives') with is_page(##), and also href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/archives/">archives with href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/?p=##">archives

where ## is the page ID for your Archives page.

If these still don’t work, then perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. Drop us a line and let us help you out.

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27 Comments so far ↓

  • Eva

    Hi! Since the forums dont work at the moment, I post my problem here:
    I just upgraded to wordpress 2.6. Unfortunately, the gallery does not work anymore now (for example: Will there be an updated functions.php for the theme? That would be great!

  • Kit Cowan

    Kinda new, but running the latest version of wordpress and I see no “slug” option. Could you elaborate?

  • Lynda

    Thank you!!! I found this at the exact moment I needed it. I’m new to WordPress and have just changed out from the default theme.

  • Lori

    I also have the latest version of WP and have no “slug” option. I tried your solutions for the “archives” and “pages” but nothing different happens. I’m still getting a 404 Error when I click on ‘About’ or ‘Archives’.

  • bebek

    Thanks for the information.

  • Rick Horowitz

    Like the others, I’m not finding anything called a “slug” and cannot seem to get the link working. It just brings up a 404 page, which otherwise seems to follow the theme style, but doesn’t list anything other than my 404 page text.

  • Why Are Upgrades So Frustrating?

    […] bother pointing me to the Cutline page on creating archives and about pages, or the one on enabling the “About” and “Archive” pages, or even the one on how to add navigation links. I’ve read ‘em. They didn’t help, […]

  • anthony

    Hi — Wanted to ad nav links next to the about and home pages on top. Could you direct me to some information on that? Regards Tony

  • D

    Is there any way to display some of the comments under posts in the 3 column version of cutline without having to actually click on the word comments?

    I love the cutline theme, but I also love the visibility comments give readers, like some other themes do. Thanks!

  • Jhan

    No “slug” option!

    Heloooooo?? Anyone home??

    FYI, I just downloaded and installed on 9-18. I would think that the basic script had been adjusted by now???

  • eric

    has anyone had success with the slug option or the Options — Permalinks option? I tried the slug option and like everyone else there isn’t a slug option anywhere. What gives with no feedback? This theme comes highly recommended but this problem hasn’t been resolved for quite some time.

  • Cuckoo

    I have three blogs and I am using cutline 3 col template for all but have tweaked them to suit my requirements. Color, columns, additional pages etc.

    I don’t know anything how this slug actually works. I never checked here but it seems it ain’t working.
    But I wrote some pages & changed the css to accommodate/display them though I am NIL in CSS. It is easy to do. 🙂

  • James Bryllars

    NEver mind upgrade. How about
    I want to put a list of sub-pages (that I can click on), children, on a Parent page.
    I don’t know why they don’t just
    show up automatically when the children are created.
    But I don’t know how to PUT things
    in the sidebar. (using the free version
    of Cutline provided in the WordPress
    WHERE do they tell you how to do things?

  • Cuckoo

    As I said here earlier, even after creating pages they don’t show up. You have to tweak something in your CSS file and that’s what I have done on all my blogs.

    You can check my website. Then if you want, probably I can guide you how to do it.

    No one replies here to our queries. What customer care they talk about ?

  • Alex

    I’m stunned that something as basic and simple as existing ‘About’ and ‘Archive’ pages don’t work out of the box. Is this normal with themes?

    It yells ‘failed release’ to me.

    Also, the lack of a readme file or any instructions in the download was unexpected.

    Then there is the annoying omission that, once installed, Cutline removes the meta box without any warning making it impossible to login to your own blog without knowing the admin url. Or at least having to waste time faffing around to work it out.

    I was considering buying Thesis also by Chris Pearson but Cutline looks like an installation nightmare to the unordained. Search engines and forums seem backed up with unanswered queries about it.

  • Cuckoo

    I agree with you Alex. Read my earlier comments here how I did it.

  • flex

    This issue still isn’t solved, right? No slugs anywhere. Could anyone post a hint on how to easily work around this (if possible)? Can i add more than just an about and an archives-section? If so, how? please help, folks, i’ve nearly got my blog setup now and this is the only problem left.

  • Isabel

    WordPress 2.7 automatically adds the slug, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. (If you want to be sure, go to Pages > Edit > Quick Edit, and you can see or change the slug there.)

    The permalink structure you will have to change yourself, but fortunately, it’s really very simple.

    Go to Settings > Permalinks, select the “Custom Structure” option, and insert the following line of text:

    I was having some trouble with this too (the page looked great in preview, but I couldn’t actually get to them from the blog itself), but now everything seems to be working fine.

    Good luck!

    • Jay


      Thanks for the assist.

      Well, the first thing that I did was to update to WP 2.7, then I dnldd CUTLINE 1.4 for 2.7 & installed it. MOSTLY, that took care of the issue that I was having with getting the ABOUT to appear.

      There was apparently a “code” discrepancy between the older version of CUTLINE and the newest release of WP 2.7 that was managed in the newer release, i.e., CUTLINE 1.4.3.

      Further, I thank you for pointing out the answer to the placement of the “slug” entry by mentioning where it lives, which is under the “QUICK-EDIT” function. It was well hidden and your post was most helpful by uncovering it for the rest of us.

      Thanks, Jay

  • Jay

    I have read EVERY thing written here and STILL, I cannot manage to – as DUMB as this seems – get either the ARCHIVES, nor the ABOUT page to publish AND be available LIVE!

    Clicking on either of those tabs produces nothing but a 404 error…it is enough to make one want to drink…ok, ok so THAT is another problem, BUT STILL…

    has anyone figured out an answer for this very perplexing and frustrating annoyance?

    • J. Angelo Racoma

      Jay, it seems your About page is up, although using the default WP permalink structure. For the archives link on the header to work, you would need to activate the “friendly” permalinks. Are you sure “friendly” permalinks are working okay on your site?

      • Jay

        I did manage to get the ABOUT page up and running as you noticed, but I must say that as a novice here:

        1) I have no idea what “permalinks” are or what their function is…

        2) I am equally in the dark as to what the term “FRIENDLY’ permalinks means or how they are at all different from the aforementioned normel “permalinks”…

        Maybe you could explain the difference.

        And just for general observation…

        I have YET to read ANY posts from the publishers of CUTLINE! One would think that this would be the minimum level of assistance for users of their template, eh?


    • Errol

      I created the Archives page with the page slug “archives”

      Selected “Archives” from Attributes – Template section in the right hand column.

  • Jay

    p.s. As an added bit of likely necessary information, I am using Cutline 3 Column Right ver. 1.1, running on WP 2.7, should that be an important piece in this puzzle…sorry for the oversight!

    • Jay


      Thanks for the response…I appreciate your effort to assist with my problem, but I must share this with you regarding that…

      …your effort to direct people to go and look at your site – where you have apparently managed to fix the problem in question is fine in and of itself…However, by looking at your page upon which the problem is fixed, does nothing to illustrate for those of us which are having the problem how to go about FIXING it!

      All that it does is to allow us to see the end result…

      …which to a certain point may be rather…err, interesting but it does nothing to assist with expressing a solution.

      It would be more helpful if you actually showed the code that you “tweaked”!

      Does that make sense?

      Again, Thanks.

  • deTropBlogg

    Why doesn’t everybody write like Isabel?

    She should write a newbie’s guide to all
    of WordPress. Or somebody should.

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