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Enabling Comments on Pages with Cutline

December 7th, 2006 · 31 Comments · How To

Whenever you create a Page while you’re using the Cutline theme, you’ll need to make one important decision that will ultimately affect both the presentation and dynamic qualities of that page.

Default WordPress Pages in Cutline have been constructed so as to allow for comments. In many cases, however, comments may not be appropriate, and by turning them off for a particular page, you can clean up the styling and save yourself some potential spam troubles down the road.

How to turn comments on or off on your Pages

WordPress selection box to turn comments on or offIn the Write Page area of your WordPress Administration Panel, you have the option to choose whether comments are on or off for the Page that you’re creating. Please note that the default setting is to have comments turned on, so if you create a page without addressing this issue, then you may end up with a discussion area that you don’t necessarily want.

Many themes do not come with this capability, but Cutline gives you total flexibility with regard to Page handling.


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  • Sridhar

    Is it possible to uncheck comments and pings on all the pages of the blog in one shot?

  • Chris


    No, but to fix this annoyance in one fell swoop, you could edit your page.php file and simply:

    • Remove the PHP between the second set of <h4> tags.
    • Remove the PHP call to comments_template();.

    Once you do that, you won’t be able to display comments or pings on any Pages created with the default page template.

  • Mike Edwards

    How do you add the feature to comments of notifying people of follow up comments via email?


  • David Klein

    This is one of those annoying and unnecessary comments.


    Thanks for the great theme. It has saved me tons of work and I am very appreciative!


  • Chris


    Sridhar has pointed you in the right direction, and you also could have found your answer here on this site.

    I’ve tried to construct everything in such a way that all the info you need to know about Cutline is contained right here.

    That said, next time you have a question about the theme, try:

    • Digging through the archives (they’re not that big)
    • Searching for the topic in question

    Oh, and regarding the Subscribe to Comments Plugin, I wrote about that in this article.

  • rob

    I recently installed Cutline and this plugin to notify followup comments and

    I’m getting a broken link to

    The gif called submit_comment does not exist in the Cutline images directory (or anywhere else). I checked this page and it’s in yours too…

    Where to do I get that gif?
    Thanks for a great theme!

  • texaiano

    Dude, Chris. I love Cutline, but I had a question and it looks like this is the only way to interact with you. My question is: How do I get Cutline to throw up the usual 404 “Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.” message with all of the headers, footers, etc branded to my site in a directory, like ~/images, where these is no “blog” content. I want to protect the images directory against people who try to browse it and steal my content.

  • Chris


    Can you determine where that image is being called from within the template? It might be a holdover from a previous version of the theme—it’s been so long that I don’t even remember its existence.

    Based on the theme’s current architecture, there shouldn’t be any calls to that image, but perhaps an old one remains that I’ve simply forgotten about.

  • Karl


    when I deactivate the comments in the post, there is still a “no comments” under the post on the main page.

    Is it possible to leave this blank (so it will only appear if comments are enabled)?

  • Brandon

    Hi Chris,

    I love how customizable this theme is. Question: I’ve unchecked both the “Allow Comments” and “Allow Pings” boxes for this page:

    But as you’ll see, three internal pings back to that page in old blog posts still show on that page. Why is that?

  • Hans

    What i really want to know is how do i enable the blog to show the authors name on each post? i’m doing a blog with over 10 authors and i want their names to show up . can this be done in cutline?

  • Leroy Brown

    I’m having trouble deciding whether I should mod cutline or Pressrow… why’d you have to go and make two great themes to confuse me?

  • Will

    Is there a way to remove the sidebar from a page? I would like some of my pages to look like a web site rather than a blog.

  • Ryan McKillen

    I had a comment on one of my posts today that was between […] notations. Is this a ping or a trackback? What’s the difference? How does WordPress/Cutline know that another blog referenced mine?

  • Aldian Prakoso

    Hi Will,

    Simply delete this code from your index.php.

    Hi Hans,

    I also want to know how to show the author’s name.

  • Aldian Prakoso

    Oops, sorry, the code doesn’t show up. I try again.
    It’s “” without blank spaces between ” and “.

  • Aldian Prakoso

    Sorry the code still doesn’t show up.
    Will, just delete the line that has “php get_sidebar()” in your index.php.

  • Will


    If I delete the “get_sidebar” in the the index.php won’t that remove the sidebar from all pages? I just want the sidebar removed from select pages.

  • Brad


    Great themes. Really.

    Is there any way to turn comments on in pages in Pressrow?

    Thanks, Brad

  • Gingerlily

    For posts, How would I modify the text color to make any references to tags,categories or comments transparent or invisible that usually appear below the post?.
    Thank you.

  • Jeroen Sangers

    About the missing submit_comment.gif: I see that even the submit button on this page calles this file, though it does not exist.

  • Rob


    I have the same question as Karl above – I have comments turned off and would really like to get rid of the “No Comments” text in the header and footer of posts.

    Any ideas?


  • jackson

    I would like to know:

    1. how to get rid of one or the other “No Comments” text – I don’t need two, just one. Or none.

    2. How to show author’s name.

    Sorry, if these have been answered I don’t understand the answer. Thanks.

  • Chris

    Hi everyone,
    I blog in germany and i have the same question as hans.

    i really want to know how to enable my blog to show the authors name under each post? i’m having a blog with 8 authors and i want their names shown under their post. can this be done in cutline?

  • Gabriel Kunkel

    I’m dying here! I would like…

    1. Make No Comments Allowed the default.
    2. Eliminate any reference to comments ever existing: get rid of “No Comments” and “No Comments Yet”

    If I can’t get this worked out I’ll have to either move on to another template that does allow me to do this or dive into the code–ouch!

    Thanks for the great template (it’s really spectacular otherwise) and for all the help on this site.

  • James

    Same but different…

  • Linda

    I don’t see any place to put in comments on the pages I have created, just the posts have comment areas. I have the comments and pings checked when I created the pages. I’m new at this and am trying to follow all the instructions but can’t figure it out.

  • jonathan

    does receiving lots of comments improve your page rank?

  • Jim

    “…there shouldn’t be any calls to that image…”

    FYI: For those using older an version, the call is on line 122 of comments.php in v. 1.0

    I just edited out the whole src= portion of the comment input function and everything appears to be working, without any more missing file errors in my logs.

  • rom gold

    Is it possible to uncheck comments and pings on all the pages of the blog in one shot?

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