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Cutline Theme Under New Management

May 4th, 2007 · 66 Comments · Site Updates

As many of you are aware, Splashpress Media has acquired a number of blog properties recently, one of which is the Cutline Theme for WordPress. Special thanks to Chris Pearson, who was the creator of this great theme…

Moving along, I would like to introduce myself as the new Cutline WordPress Theme manager. My name is Brian Gardner, and I am a freelance designer as well as blogger. I have written for Performancing, have designed themes for sites such as Daily Blog Tips and have released a number of free WordPress themes.

In the near future, we will be adding a few neat things here at Cutline, so keep your eyes open and watch out for what’s to come. We will try to do our best to answer the comments that are left regarding the theme, and apologize if we can’t get to each and every one.

I’m excited about Cutline Chapter 2!


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  • Amin

    Hi Brian

    Be interested to see how things develop now this has been taken over.

    Is the theme likely to remain a free download?

  • Ed Sutherland

    Amin — I second your hope. Cutline has progressed beyond a simple theme to a full-featured platform.

  • Bradley A. Noe

    Hello Brian,

    Glad to see work will be continuing on this great theme, can’t wait to see how it evolves.

    Also good to see you have some of the same musical interests as myself. 🙂

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates. I do hope this continues to stay a free theme aswell and hopefully won’t go the way of sponsored themes.

    Take care,

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Just remember that you’ve got a solid WordPress theme here, and it doesn’t need anything other than basic maintenance to keep up with WordPress upgrades. I’ll be honest, the themes you linked to are not too impressive, but I’m keeping an open mind about what you have intended for Cutline.

  • Bill A

    Welcome aboard! Cutline’s a GREAT theme and you’ve inherited a lot of devoted fans…looking forward to seeing some new goodies.

  • Cory Miller

    One of my favorite themes is now in the capable hands of another outstanding designer, whose themes I admire just as much.

    Great to hear this official announcement, Brian!

  • Brian

    Amin, yes, Cutline will remain a free download, and like Daniel said, there isn’t much need for improvement. More than anything, we will do our best to offer help with the theme, possibly a 3 column version as well as some additional styles for it.

    Daniel, sorry to hear you think that the themes I linked to aren’t that impressive. I suppose compared to Cutline, no themes are.

  • Randa Clay

    Daniel, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, though it’s unfortunate that you felt the need to express it so rudely. As a user of several of Brian’s themes, I can tell you that every one is clean, well-designed and user-friendly. He is the perfect choice to manage Cutline going forward.

  • Mark

    I agree. Brian has done two great themes for Performancing and just wait until you see the new one for the Blog Herald!

  • Char

    Brian – I can’t wait to see what you bring to Cutline – all of your themes are so well coded that they are my first recommendation to others.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Mike

    Er…WTF? SplashPress have acquired a …*theme*??? What new madness have we sunk to? Why wouldn’t you just develop your own thing from scratch?

    I appreciate a lot of man-hours have gone into Cutline, but we’re talking about open standards here – what would it seriously take, end-to-end, to create a full-featured WordPress theme/platform/whatever. 100 hours? 200?

    And fair enough, there’s that nebulous X-Factor of popularity, which guarantees a ready-made startup audience – but for a free product, so what?

    If Splashpress have paid less than $20,000 for this then I’ll shut up. But on the other hand, as someone who lived through Bubble 1.0, when I see investment companies going on spending sprees for profitless products and entities, all I can say is… ‘here we go again…’

  • Ed Sutherland

    Brian — yes, a three-column Cutline would be outstanding. While Cutline doesn’t need big changes, can users offer suggestions on ways it can be improved even more? Right after a three-column version, I’d like to see Cutline adopt the Presspass header style — it’s a true wonder.

    Mark — Do you mean there is a new BH theme besides the radical Cutline now hot? BTW, I love the three-column (we have a trend going here — are you listening, Brian? 😉 look. How about adopting it for the 3-column Cutline?


  • Daniel M. Clark

    I wasn’t rude at all, I simply voiced my opinion that I didn’t find the themes very impressive. They’re okay, I’m not not blown away by them, that’s all. Expressing an opinion isn’t rude, it’s honest. Having said that, I’ll explain that I was referring to the style of the themes, not the underlying code. They’re supposed to be customized – of course I understand that.

    No need to get overly defensive. As I said, I’m keeping an open mind about the intentions toward Cutline. Sheesh.

    If you think that was rude, you probably shouldn’t visit my website 😉

    Throw in my vote for a 3 column version of Cutline as well – I’ve got a CSS sort-of-hack going on to simulate 3 columns, but it does have limitations.

  • Ed Sutherland

    Daniel — Cutline’s beauty is that it gets out of the way of the content rather than overwhelming it. Just as it takes strong content to make up for a site using the default WordPress theme, seeing one default Cutline after another can be boring. The take-away from this: make Cutline yours.


  • Daniel

    I vote nay on adopting the Pressrow navigation style.

    I was surprised to hear about this transition, Brian. But good luck and I hope it all works out for the best. You’ve surely adopted a wonderful WordPress legacy in the making.

  • Daniel M. Clark

    I’d like to say now that I oversimplified my “not impressed” comment earlier – sorry. Although I don’t like having blocks of navigation and such at the bottom of a theme, the Vertigo theme is quite nice and I’m working on combining some of the features with Cutline.

    I really don’t mean to hijack the comments here, but I believe in admitting when you’re wrong – and I was too quick to express my opinion originally. I’ll go back to my corner now 😉

  • Ed Sutherland

    Daniel — We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to WordPress themes – not a big deal when we have so many quality themes, including Cutline, from which to chose.

  • Alex Tran

    @Brian. Congrats on inheriting one of the best free WordPress themes out there. I look forward to seeing where you’ll take it.

    Here are some things I would love to see (in order of importance to me).

    1. A light on dark style. Overriding the defaults manually was a pain in the butt. 😉

    2. A way of adding main navigation links without having to modify the theme directly. Something similar to the Page Link Manager plugin.

    3. A way to customize the header images for specific page types without having to rely on naming conventions.

  • Joseph

    Hi, I love this theme and am currently using it. Two questions:

    1) why are single pages using h2 tags for the post title? shouldn’t they have h1?

    2) why doesn’t the blog title appear after the post title (above the browser menu)?

    Thanks again and happy that you will be working on this project.

  • Dave Navarro

    Gotta say I love this theme. I just have two n00b questions:

    #1 – Is there a reason that it looks like there is almost no spacing between sentences? I love the theme, but it looks kind of awkward to see sentences running together.

    #2 – How can I change the font style for the page?

    Thanks for the great theme!

    Dave Navarro

  • Dave Butler

    Interesting development. I think the amount of feedback provided by Chris is what made Cutline great, along with the design. I was actually checking out the site just to see if Chris had posted anything new.

    If you keep the feedback going I’m sure it’ll help all the people who are new to Cutline. I’m sure you know how many people download it everyday.

  • lindsay

    Help! I’m not sure of a more appropriate place to post this, but I just selected Cutline as my preferred theme on my (as opposed to blog and I have a few questions. First, I don’t think that I have the most current version, is there a way to update? Also, and most annoyingly, there is a smiley face floating off the the right of my header. Please tell me how to get rid of it! If I can’t, I might be tempted to choose another theme. Thanks for your help.

  • Joseph

    Brian, any info on my last comment? Thanks!

  • hans

    Hi Brian,

    My blogroll title has a line across other text in my sidebar. How do I edit the blogroll functions, lines, type size, etc?

    Will you have a forum for questions?

    thank you

  • Brian

    @ Joseph – Not sure why Chris used h2 tags for the post/page titles, but you can change them in your theme copy if you feel it will help SEO. Also, I’m guessing the reason he put the post/page title before the blog was for better SEO purposes, which was a great move by him.

    @ Hans – Open up the Style.css file and look for the section labeled /*—:[ sidebar styles ]:—*/ and you can style the sidebar text/links the way you want!

  • Brian

    @ Lindsay – In the upper left hand part of the sidebar is a graphic image that will enable you to download the most current version of Cutline.

    @ Dave B – Thanks for your kind words, and we certainly hope to continue Chris’ great theme and service.

    @ Dave N – Can you provide a link to the page you are having spacing issues with? As for changing font style, you’ll need to modify the Style.css file – the theme is separated into different parts, so you can style each one differently, or as a whole.

  • Ed Sutherland

    Brian – A couple CSS questions: I want to keep the Cutline typography, but put a 300×250 ad in the sidebar. When I put the ad in, it covers the other sidebar content. I need to know how to add enough whitespace between the ad and the below sidebar text. I’ve tried putting the ad outside and inside the sidebar div. You can get an idea of what I want at my site

    I can hardly wait to move to Cutline, but need the sidebar fix. Thanks.


  • Bradley A. Noe

    Lindsay is using the blog hosting service. Their version is a realease or two old so might want to put in a request on the site to update the theme if possible.

    The smiley face you see in the header area is there on all blogs for stats tracking, it’s in all the themes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bruce

    Has anyone tried Cutline out with WordPress 2.2?

    I’m currently using Cutline 1.1 with WP 2.1.3, and am thinking of going to WP 2.2, but don’t want to break anything. Looking to see if anyone else has done it.

  • John Oates

    I only saw this news belatedly, but wanted to respond. I just launched my first ever blog this week using Cutline, and though I haven’t customised it all that much I’ve been tweaking it a little (and learning a bit about PHP as I go along). Next step is to play more with the CSS so that it isn’t generic Cutline.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that it’s a great theme and I look forward to seeing what the change of ownership brings.

  • Meg Meyer

    Welcome Brian. I credit Cutline, specifically, for helping me learn more about php coding. I look forward to seeing what yourself and the good folks at Splashpress Media do with this.


    Meg Meyer

  • hans

    Alex T.,

    How did you manage a dark backround with the content boxes staying light?



  • Alex Tran

    @hans: I’m not sure which section you’re referring to by “content boxes.” But regardless, all the color changes were done via the custom.css file included within Cutline.

    For example, if the original style had #content { background-color: #000; } I added .custom #content { background-color: #FFF; }.

    That essentially overrides the original color with my own inverse color.

    Hope that helps,

  • hans

    Thanks for your assistance, alex.

    1) To be more precise: How do I make the left and right side of the page a darker color so the central part (white like this page we’re on) stands out, like many blogs.

    2) Just noticed that my large tagline at the top, under the blog name, is missing. Does anyone know how to get it back (it does show in the General tab, but not onscreen).

    thank you

  • Ed Sutherland

    Simple question: How do I replace the blog title with a graphic in the Cutline header? Thanks.


  • Bruce


    Once you are willing to open up a three-column version of Cutline to beta testing, I would be pleased to test it on my site. I tried switching to your Silouhette theme (which is Very Nice), but I have grown accustomed to Chris’ Archive and Sitemap pages and don’t want to go through any php hacking to obtain those with a different theme.

  • Dao

    I also like a lot of what Cutline does… though as with previous commentator Bruce, I’m trusting that a 3col version is in the near future.
    Also wondering if Wp 2.2 requires themes such as Cutline to be “upgraded”?

  • Josh Smith

    Brian, any chance you have a timeline for the 3 column or a version which works with WP 2.2?


  • Chris W

    I have just upgraded to WordPress 2.2 and Cutline seems to be behaving without modification.

  • Nathan Bowers

    Cutline’s archive page doesn’t seem to work with WordPress 2.2. I tried following the instructions for adding the “Archives” page mentioned elsewhere on this blog, but it doesn’t work.

  • Nathan Bowers

    Forgot to mention that the “Archives” page never gets created when I use the checkbox under “Cutline Options”. I have “friendly urls” enabled.

  • Chris W

    It is working fine on my site. It was working before I upgraded, which might have some bearing although I cannot think why.

    You may need to check that the page slug for the Archives page is ‘archives’, that its page template is ‘Archives’, and that the link in the theme header correctly accounts for your blog not being in the root of the web site.

  • Nathan Bowers

    Thanks Chris, the one step I forgot was selecting “Archives” as the template. That step was never mentioned on (though I did eventually find it in the comments) so you might want to add it to the instructions.

    Thanks btw, I’m loving Cutline.

  • Rafi

    Hi Brian:

    I stumbled into the Cutline theme, and I am impressed. However, I am not familiar with HTML at all, and when I tried to work with it, it took me at least two hours to just learn how to blockquote 🙂 Not that your instructions were difficult..I just dont know, and learning is taking much more than I expected!

    I am not sure if you accept requests/clients anymore, anyone you can recommend? I am planning to start a business blog/site, nothing major, but I know my limitations, and think my time can be spent better in running my business.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • johnMark

    I changed themes to Cutline and now my tagline doesn’t show up. Can you help?


  • Aldian Prakoso

    Hi Brian,

    I tried to use Threaded Comment plugin for my Cutline blog. However it messed up my theme.

    So I uninstalled it.

    Can you please help how to modify this plugin to fit well with Cutline?



  • David

    Well, time does fly since we’re all busy and having fun, July 1st is on the dawning, and Cutline v2 is still in the wings of possibility. Appreciate that Brian is extremely busy, popular, and in demand… however, Cutline novices, users, and enthusiasts, await… 3 column version? and we do know that Brian often releases a 2 and 3 column version of his public designs… so is there a problem getting this small but eagerly awaited official update, release out into the WordPress arena? …. we wait with bated breath 😉 WEll, at least I do…

  • Michael Cross

    I’m going bonkers trying to figure out how to get a little support for the Cutline theme! Hopefully, somebody can help.

    I have customized the Cutline 1.1 theme just a little bit.

    My problem is that when I click the RSS button, it brings me to this page:

    And I get the following error message:

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    End tag was not expected at this location. Error processing resource ‘’. Line 143, …


    I don’t know what to do to get the RSS feed to work. Do I need to edit a file?

  • Joe Morrison

    I’ve tried all versions of Cutline and my “About” and “Archives” controls above the header image don’t work on any of them. Wonder if anyone can shed light on this?

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