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Cutline v2.0

October 15th, 2007 · 63 Comments · Release Notes

It has taken some time, but as announced, a new Cutline Mod.

And this is not just a mod, but a totally differently looking Cutline, showcasing the power of CSS… and some more.

As I wrote when I announced the new release, this Cutline remake is dedicated to some of the best designers online. Obviously Chris Pearson, creator of Cutline, naturally also Brian Gardner, who managed Cutline earlier on and then my all time favorite, the person who taught me everything about grid design, Khoi Vinh (yes it was straight love, when I discovered Subtraction years ago!). And last but not least, I added some touches too.

What is new in Cutline v2.0?

First of all, the new Cutline comes with integrated Microformats.

And things get better!
There are 2 different releases! One for WordPress 2.1+ and there is a Cutline 2.0 for the soon to be released WordPress 2.3! With tags implementation!
Those of you who only want to upgrade to WP2.3, when released, but don’t want to use the new tag features in WP2.3, can use the WordPress 2.1+ version.

Improved Usability!

Years long have I cursed entries with many comments. It has happened more than once that I wanted to comment on an entry, but after reading lots of comments I wanted to react on comments and had forgotten what I originally wanted to respond. Enough of that!

Revolutionary change!

Cutline v2.0 has the comment form immediately UNDER the entry. Now you can comment immediately after having read the post, without having to scroll through tons of comments first!
OK, OK… maybe not all that revolutionary at all… but I thought ‘Let’s be original!’.

I already hear the smart thinkers under you. What if I want to read the comments and then reply???

Fear not… even that has been thought of.

At the bottom of every single page you find now a new bottom navigation with links to the top of the entry, the comment form and also next/previous and the front page of your blog. If now you want to read all the comments and THEN respond, with one click (on ‘respond’) you are brought to the comment form.
From the main page, you can jump to both the comment form (Respond link in the post-meta side-block) and the comments (No Comments/1 Comment / % Comments – under the Tags line) directly.
But, due to the bottom navigation, the next/previous post navigation above the entry is no more.

New sidebar!

Cutline has a new sidebar. But I’ll immediately start with the bad news. Certain widgets are known to break the formatting. This Cutline mod was entirely focused on WP’s template tags flexibility, using specific settings for sidebar blocks. Sadly widgets don’t always offer this flexibility without hacking the code.

What’s new/different in the sidebar?

First off, the flickrRSS sidebar block has moved to the top and is optimized for 3/6/9/aso square images. Use <li> and </li> to have the optimal display. All these settings can be made in the flickrRSS control panel under Options. If you want to prevent slow loading times for the flickr thumbnails, use the caching options of the FlickrRSS plugin.

Cutline v2.0 now comes with built-in support for Brian’s Latest Comments plugin.

Both flickrRSS and Brian’s Latest Comments are optional and will not be displayed if you don’t use the plugins.

All the categories are now shown in the sidebar. In the WP2.3 version, you’ll find your Top25 tags listed, not as a cluttered cloud, but as a list.

Further features

Of course all the classic Cutline features have been conserved in this remake.

  • Great SEO
  • Random header images Cutline style
  • Great image handling

Furthermore, Cutline 2.0 has been gridified.

Longest theme release post?

Did I manage it?

One more thing

Cutline 2.0 is available… NOW!
Go play with our demo.


63 Comments so far ↓

  • Hopeful SPirit

    So I’m full of questions . . .

    I can implement 2.0 for WP 2.3 now? Or do I have to wait until it is released? Do I have to keep the Flickr sidebar or can I replace it?

  • SharePoint Buzz

    Is a 3 column version going to be available?

  • Franky

    Hopeful Spirit, both 2.0 releases work already with WP 2.3, the 2.3 release pack comes with built-in tags support. flickrRSS and Brian’s latest comments are optional.

    SharePoint Buzz, yes a three column version will be released in some weeks. I already use one here.

  • SharePoint Buzz


    Your theme does not pass validation.. you might want to fix that…

  • SharePoint Buzz

    Awesome.. my apologies if I came across critical but just looking for a decent theme for my site…

  • Franky

    No worries, I always check the validator. 😉
    I think it are some of the sidebar elements on your site (and on the ManUtd blog – but those soon will be corrected) which create errors in validation.

  • Hopeful Spirit

    Frank, thanks for the response. I think I answered my own question last night. I do not have 2.3 yet (no Beta for me) but tried to upload the theme & got a fatal error involving tags. What I was trying to find out is if I would have to use the 2.1+ version until 2.3 is out of Beta.

    Do you know which widgets break the code?

    The above link to Brian’s Latest Comments goes to a page that doesn’t exist.

    What do you mean by “gridified”? I’m looking for a theme that operates as more of a portal with one post featured on the main page. Any way to do that?

  • Franky


    the 2.1+ version works for every WP install starting from 2.1.
    The 2.3 only works for WP2.3 (Beta for now) and will create the tag error (WP 2.1 and WP 2.2 have no core tag support).

    Thanks, I changed the link for BLC.

    Gridified means the theme uses ‘a grid’ for the vertical alignment.

    The ultimate portal theme right atm is Revolution by Brian Gardner, but it’s a premium design.

  • Wayne


    The formating is off for unordered lists, see here:

    Thanks for a great theme, can’t wait for the three col. version.

  • Pati Haddad

    Hi, Franky! I’ve installed Cutline 3-column-split and have already made some changes so to customize it and leave it my way. In fact, I’m still not pleased with the results. Now, I see there’s a new version and you’ve mentioned above that a 3-column release is on the way, but the version you are already using in a blog is the 3-column-right. Do you plan to realease the split version too?

  • Franky

    Wayne,, you’ve forgotten the <ul></li> part in your unordered list.
    Your list is not ordered, nor unordered. 😉

    Pati, yes I will release both split and right version in some weeks. As soon as WP2.3 is released all versions will be updated for WP2.3 and then I’ll start both Cutline2.0 3 column versions.

  • Khoi Vinh

    I’m flattered, of course, but I have my reservations about this too. Maybe we should talk about this offline. My email is


  • Connie

    Demo link goes to a blank page.

  • Daniel

    Is the Demo installed, or did something get borked?

  • James House

    Hi! Thanks for updating Cutline to support WP 2.3. Can’t wait for the split 3 column.

  • homewiz

    demo not working for me either.

    – clean install of WP 2.3
    – upload cutline 2.0 for wp 2.3

    this is the error i am getting
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: blc_latest_comments() in /homepages/40/d158335426/htdocs/carying/wp-content/themes/Cutline2.0/sidebar.php on line 33

    any ideas?

  • Daniel

    Homewiz, it appears you need to install Brian’s Latest Comments in the Plugins options of your Admin panel first.

    Also, the Cutline folder should ALWAYS be renamed to Cutline ONLY and not Cutline2.0! This was an issue that started with Chris, and which Chris even FINALLY realized was an issue with the Pressrow theme — because of zipping the file on Mac. Windows users will experience a problem associated with the way the package is zipped in this manner.

    The theme not displaying here on the demo site was my question. It doesn’t display at all on my end — thus I cannot view the demo.

  • Daniel

    And PS: Anytime you bundle support for a plug-in, Franky — ALWAYS use the php if (function_exists()) function! This is why users end-up experiencing fatal errors!

  • homewiz

    had not installed ‘brians latest comments’ . somewhere i missed reading that you had to enable that seperate plugin for cutline 2.0. i uploaded and activated and the problem is gone. thanks for that tidbit.

    not sure why a theme would need another plugin in order to display without an error.

    i unzipped the cutline zipfile and copied up the file structure – which is ‘Cutline2.0’. that doesnt seem to cause me any trouble. any link to the issue?

  • Daniel


    That’s because the author didn’t use a php if (function_exists(plugin_function)) call in the theme. By using this simple wrapping method, you can also create one version of a theme so that it’s cross-compatible with previous versions of WP, or to provide support for plugins without breaking the theme if a user doesn’t want (disable) the plugin, or the plugin isn’t installed.

  • Lee Cameron

    I recently came across cutline and it is a great theme. My problem is that the theme appears to be created with customization for the end user in mind? My problem is that most of this customisation is beyond me. Are there any tutorials anywhere? Eg if I want to change the color of just the sidebar tag where and how would I do this?

    I have a very basic knowledge of CSS and could probably change the tag but wouldn’t know if I changed it just for the side bar or the whole site.

    Likewise, the theme boasts great image handling so how do I handle an image? Has anyone got a cutline for dummies manual in the closet?

    I know I could probably work things out after a great deal of trial and error but that is time that I should be writing and publishing. There has to be thousands of other dummies out there just like me who could benefit from this kind of info?

    Thx to all involved for a great theme. — Lee

  • Yan

    I just discovered cutline, and it’s a great theme.

    I’ve been trying to create a small header and footer which basically frame an image in a popup, without all the other stuff.

    I keep breaking things in the theme….

    (Just click on any of the images and you should get a popup window; you’ll see what I mean. It looks crappy.)

    Any chance of a micro-theme for popups? Or some guidance for us php/css challenged types? 🙂


  • Rick

    Demo link goes to a blank page for me too:

    Using Safari.

  • Pati Haddad

    Can’t see the demo page here either.

  • Ryan Grier

    I also get a blank page for

    Any ideas?

  • brent

    same with the demo link…

    Any clue on when the 3 column versions will be available?

  • dave

    Ya the demo page is blank for me in Safari. I’m switching hosts so I wanted to upgrade to the latest version.

  • Daniel

    I’m starting to think that Cutline development will be in a state of constant non-committal. They’re obviously not reading the messages here anymore, else something as simple as getting rid of the decimal folder name would probably correct the demo non-display issue, and eliminate confusion for those downloading the package as well when they install it.

  • C-Smack

    Demo page doesn’t work on Firefox.

    I love cutline v1 but the lack of focus and updating on this blog makes me very wary of upgrading to v2.

  • Andy

    i love the new version!!!

    how do you get the random header function “on” with newest version of cutline? I tried uploading an older version of the random generating “header.php” file but it puts my nav bar at the top of image, so I went back to original file.

  • Jason Glover

    I agree… no way am I updating. I know enough about code that when new versions of wordpress come out I’ll just consult the codex and make sure everything about my theme files is up to standard.

    Hell, if I wanted to move my damn comments field above the posts, I could just fucking edit the php file myself. That bottom navigation idea is cool, but I could just program that myself as well.

    Cutline was a good theme to get me started, but I recommend for those after actual support to simply purchase a theme that guarantees it… usually not more than $50 or so.. I mean can you really complain about not getting support when you download something for free?

    I miss Chris Pearson… a swell guy!

    I think I’ll wait for like a version 2.1 or something.

  • db

    I’m worried about 2.1 so I’ll just download 1.1 which looks like it still available from this site.

  • JP de Lutz

    Hello, I am trying to migrate from Blogharbor for my second blog (prior to pressharbor. I am a real novice with a steep learning curve to climb, but after seeking an appropriate theme for my new venture I retained cutline-3column split. I would like to change heading colors, widgets and such but have not managed to understand te process and have failed to find a tutorial. May I bear upon you for help or direction to where I can find it.
    All the best,

  • Jim

    Yes – this was posted over two weeks ago (!) and the demo link is still broken.

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  • Hojin

    can’t believe the demo link still doesn’t work

  • Kim Linnet

    I have been trying my share of themes – looking at Grid Focus and – and cursed Khoi Vinh several times for not using WordPress and give his theme out free…I understand why not, ofcorse…and then I found this theme, cutline v2.

    My jaw has dropped to the floor, and I think you should rename it to “DreamTheme”. Its absolutely fantastic. I simply love it…

    To get random headers I use a php file called rotator, and just set that as the image source – it then just rotates the images that are in the same folder as the file itself…


    Well, anyway… awesome work, you rock – and it is okay to be inspired by others, so dont you listen to any critique…

  • Jason Glover

    For those asking about how to do basic mods, don’t post here. Post in the forums. That’s what they are for. Also, there are posts with FAQs and info about image handling that are really easy to understand, so search around on the site and make sure the answer isn’t already here.

    But basically just stick class=right, left, center, or off depending on what you want. Pretty much the same with blockquotes..

  • Even newer theme

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  • Rudy

    I don’t think Cutline 2.0 is ready for prime time. Formatting seems off, turning on Archive is not working, image is not centered properly, and someone already said, where is Chris or Franky?

    I’m going to stick with Cutline 1.0 for now.

  • paul

    Hi, not quite sure if this exactly the right place for techie qs but here goes!
    1) How can I tell what version on Cutline I have?
    2) How can I add info to the about page.

    Sorry if they sound simple and pathetic qs – I can usually sort this stuff out myself. But it’s such an elegant theme I don’t like tinkering!
    Thanks. Paul

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  • Jane

    Hi, love the theme, but the content area is too close to the sidebar for my taste.

    A couple of questions if I may. First, is there a way to move the content of my post under the headline, so that “author name, date and “respond” are above and not on the side? If so, could I do that and add padding between my sidebar and content?

    Second, is there an easy way to add shading to the sidebar to differentiate it from the posts?

    It’s a beautiful theme — I just wish for a wider content area and a more defined separation from the sidebar.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • mike d

    where can i find a good tutorial in working with WP themes and installing them?

  • prova

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  • Prosperity Consciousness


    I LOVE the theme. Thanks!

    Only a couple of issues that I’m not sure about –

    1. My Tags don’t display.

    2. It’s displaying my Category as the Tag.

    3. I can’t see the Categories in my sidebar. Is there a way to set that up?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.

  • James Kurtz III

    Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know that I have implemented a customized version of the Cutline 2 template on my website. Cheers and thank you so much for making this wonderful theme available!!

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