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Cutline v2.0

October 15th, 2007 · 63 Comments · Release Notes

It has taken some time, but as announced, a new Cutline Mod.

And this is not just a mod, but a totally differently looking Cutline, showcasing the power of CSS… and some more.

As I wrote when I announced the new release, this Cutline remake is dedicated to some of the best designers online. Obviously Chris Pearson, creator of Cutline, naturally also Brian Gardner, who managed Cutline earlier on and then my all time favorite, the person who taught me everything about grid design, Khoi Vinh (yes it was straight love, when I discovered Subtraction years ago!). And last but not least, I added some touches too.

What is new in Cutline v2.0?

First of all, the new Cutline comes with integrated Microformats.

And things get better!
There are 2 different releases! One for WordPress 2.1+ and there is a Cutline 2.0 for the soon to be released WordPress 2.3! With tags implementation!
Those of you who only want to upgrade to WP2.3, when released, but don’t want to use the new tag features in WP2.3, can use the WordPress 2.1+ version.

Improved Usability!

Years long have I cursed entries with many comments. It has happened more than once that I wanted to comment on an entry, but after reading lots of comments I wanted to react on comments and had forgotten what I originally wanted to respond. Enough of that!

Revolutionary change!

Cutline v2.0 has the comment form immediately UNDER the entry. Now you can comment immediately after having read the post, without having to scroll through tons of comments first!
OK, OK… maybe not all that revolutionary at all… but I thought ‘Let’s be original!’.

I already hear the smart thinkers under you. What if I want to read the comments and then reply???

Fear not… even that has been thought of.

At the bottom of every single page you find now a new bottom navigation with links to the top of the entry, the comment form and also next/previous and the front page of your blog. If now you want to read all the comments and THEN respond, with one click (on ‘respond’) you are brought to the comment form.
From the main page, you can jump to both the comment form (Respond link in the post-meta side-block) and the comments (No Comments/1 Comment / % Comments – under the Tags line) directly.
But, due to the bottom navigation, the next/previous post navigation above the entry is no more.

New sidebar!

Cutline has a new sidebar. But I’ll immediately start with the bad news. Certain widgets are known to break the formatting. This Cutline mod was entirely focused on WP’s template tags flexibility, using specific settings for sidebar blocks. Sadly widgets don’t always offer this flexibility without hacking the code.

What’s new/different in the sidebar?

First off, the flickrRSS sidebar block has moved to the top and is optimized for 3/6/9/aso square images. Use <li> and </li> to have the optimal display. All these settings can be made in the flickrRSS control panel under Options. If you want to prevent slow loading times for the flickr thumbnails, use the caching options of the FlickrRSS plugin.

Cutline v2.0 now comes with built-in support for Brian’s Latest Comments plugin.

Both flickrRSS and Brian’s Latest Comments are optional and will not be displayed if you don’t use the plugins.

All the categories are now shown in the sidebar. In the WP2.3 version, you’ll find your Top25 tags listed, not as a cluttered cloud, but as a list.

Further features

Of course all the classic Cutline features have been conserved in this remake.

  • Great SEO
  • Random header images Cutline style
  • Great image handling

Furthermore, Cutline 2.0 has been gridified.

Longest theme release post?

Did I manage it?

One more thing

Cutline 2.0 is available… NOW!
Go play with our demo.


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