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Cutline 3-Column Theme Now Available

July 2nd, 2007 · 146 Comments · Site Updates

We are proud to officially announce that 3 column versions of the Cutline WordPress theme are now available for download.


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  • Anthony

    If you guys will go to the top of this page and click “sitemap”, there’s an article listed called “Why Don’t my “Archives” and “About” Links Work?. This tells you the proper way to fix this through the permalink structure.

  • Respiro Media

    I love the simplicity of this WP theme!

  • Todor

    Hi Chris and Brian,

    Our blog is using Cutline for 1,5 years and we are extremely pleased with it.

    Yesterday I tried Cultine 3 column in another blog of mine, bot split and right sided option, but there is one strange problem – in IE the header image is going out of the black borders. No signs for this problem in FF and Opera.

    Can you please just check to see the problem and to reccomend a possible solution for it?

    Thanks! And thank you for the great theme!

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  • Mark

    I’m just adding a blog to my site and am having the same problem Steve (comment 46) mentioned – About and Archive in the header area go to 404 error pages.
    You can see the blog (no link yet on site) at .
    The link as explained by Steve, to Archive & About pages do not associate with numbers (e.g., /?page-id=490). The link is see is for the About link, and similar for the Archive link (with archive subbing for about).
    My final question is what program(s) can I use to make any modifications to coding that might be suggested to me – A simple text editor, something like Dreamweaver or GoLive, or do I need a PHP editing program (I’m a Mac user)?
    Otherwise, I really love the look of the theme and am extremely excited about getting this addition to my site online.

  • Mark

    Sorry, the screwed up paragraph above should read:
    The links, as observed by Steve, to Archive & About pages do not associate with numbers (e.g., /?page-id=490) because of the WordPress options I’ve chosen. The link I see is for the About link, and similar for the Archive link (with archive subbing for about).

  • Mark

    Am I right that the “About” link should bring up the content in WordPress’s page entitled “About”?
    Ok, I’m going to bed now.

  • Presell

    Good one.
    I’m just about making for the first time wordpress theme and I’m gonna to make a big joke about this: I’LL PUT LAYOUT IN TABLES 🙂

    What do you think about this ?

    Cheers – Matt.

  • fred1st

    Newbie naivete: I shoulda copied the unaltered sidebar script before messing with it.

    Can somebody help me get the script for the left sidebar? I’m totally unfamiliar with php.

    I got the learning curve blues.

  • Marie Holzer

    I’m absolutely loving this Cutline Split… my only problem has been customizing the text header into an image… I’m confused and need some guidance. Suggestions, please?

  • felipe

    Hi Chris,

    I’m new to WP and just completed an installation of v.2.2.1
    I dig the Cutline theme, and went with the 3 column right version. I’m stoked to get it running. Once I completed the installation, I came across this error across the top of the admin page, as well as at the top of every public page:

    “Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/{[XYZserverpath]}/ on line 53”

    I opened up the widgets.php file to see if I could spot anything amiss, but being a noob, could not spot the problem. AFAIK, here is the portion of referenced code:


    function register_sidebar($args = array()) {
    global $wp_registered_sidebars;

    if ( is_string($args) )
    parse_str($args, $args);

    $i = count($wp_registered_sidebars) + 1;

    $defaults = array(
    ‘name’ => sprintf(__(‘Sidebar %d’), $i ),
    ‘id’ => “sidebar-$i”,
    ‘before_widget’ => ”,
    ‘after_widget’ => “\n”,
    ‘before_title’ => ”,
    ‘after_title’ => “\n”,
    //CHRIS -> this is line 53:
    $sidebar = array_merge($defaults, $args);

    $wp_registered_sidebars[$sidebar[‘id’]] = $sidebar;

    return $sidebar[‘id’];

    I am not the first to have this problem, Gustavo reported it here (1st comment, July 3rd):

    If nothing else, I might try deleting the installation and the theme, and reinstalling. Every once in a while that kind of approach works…

    Thanks for your efforts, and kudos again on a great visual!



  • felipe

    Fred – what file specifically do you need? I’m on WP 2.2.1 and using the 3 column right theme, how ’bout you?


  • David Christiansen

    Does anyone now how to get this theme to work with the feedburner stats package?


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  • Annie

    This is a gorgeous theme & does everything I’ve been trying to do manually for ages now.

    I did have a question that I could not find the answer to on your site. (And I’m not a programmer, just an end user with enough knowledge to be dangerous.)

    I would like to change the color of my unclicked links. Could you point me to the right section of the theme editor?

    Thank you!

  • Rob Grayson


    OK, after previous posts (thanks to those who responded) I’ve got the “about” and “archives” links working on my new 2-column installation. I’ve also included the “Pages” widget in the sidebar, and created a number of static pages, one of which has some sub-pages. The site is at

    My next set of questions is as follows:

    1. Even though I’ve created a number of “top level” pages (main page/no parent), they don’t show in the horizontal menu bar. How can I change this?

    2. I want to replace the default “Front page” with the page called “Home” that I’ve created. How can I do this?

    3. The “pages widget” is indeed listing all the pages and sub-pages I’ve created – but I need to change the order they’re listed in. I assumed they would be listed according to the “Page order” property specified in each page, but they’re not. How do I change the order?

    4. I want to create a separate “blog” page and have all new posts appear on that page. Can anyone tell me how?

    Thanks in advance for anyone kind and knowledgeable enough to help me out!


  • Jodi


    what do i do if i deleted some of the coding in the (header) file and it was wrong. i cant get into my site now.


  • Luke

    Hi! I like your 3-column Cutline design very much but the archive pages don’t work.

    I read your post about that, and my permalink structure is correct. But posts on my archive, category, and search pages show up without images and proper HTML, etc. Why are they broken on archive pages?

    My site can be viewed at

    Many thanks! Great theme!

  • Diane

    Since making the switch from the 3 column Cutline theme edited by GPS Gazette to this theme, my blog’s description appears in my browser address, (the small space at the very top of the webpage).

    Can someone tell me how to edit this out?

  • Diane

    Forget my question…I figured it out. Thanks for the terrific theme.

  • Luke

    Another question. Is there any easy way to replace the header images for my Cutline implementation with a Google Adsense leaderboard? Perhaps by editing a PHP file? Many thanks.

  • Kim

    Is there a support forum for Cutline? I’m looking for guidance on something but can’t find a place to post my question for other Cutline users.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the awesome theme. I’m new to WordPress but this inspires me to create one of my own.

  • K.G. Schneider

    Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific theme… I’m using it for a church website ( ) and appreciate this theme’s clean, tidy lines. I was getting a little desperate looking for a decent three-column widget-ready theme that was readable, visually balanced, and left room for a nice header image (five of them!). I’m already getting praise for the way the site looks. *Bravo you!*

  • Frank

    Anyone know if there’s a way to add an edit button next to posts in Cutline while you’re logged in as Admin?

    Seems like most other themes have this, and Cutline doesn’t for some reason…

  • paola

    Internationalization of the theme: do you have a pot file for it? or suggestions on how to create one?

  • Kevin

    I am trying to upgrade to the 3 column right version (glad it’s out) but it will not display any previously made comments on any of the posts.

    Any ideas why?

  • Kevin

    Please disregard..fixed it. Well not that it needed fixing, more like a stupid user 🙂

  • Katherine Misegades

    I’ve spent the morning setting up a new blog using your Cutline design. Your design is excellent. I chose it because of its adaptability and clean basic layout. Its CSS is so clearly coded that this has been a joy. I have just one question. How would I change the words “Front Page” to “Home”?

  • Robert Richard


    How do you get an image with text inside the sidebar panel such as your ad/sponsor (webhost)?

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

  • Bas

    Hi all,
    I’d like to (see and try to) have my title (‘name’ in masthead) on top of the headerimage (‘header1.jpg’ in header_img). Now the one is above the other, which uses to much space and I’d like to have them in one div (with the name over the image of course).
    Any ideas?

  • Annie

    Hi there–love the theme.

    One of my readers reported that there are some issues with my site in Internet Explorer. He says, “The page just seems to be broken up with hard black lines that run completely across the page. Most aren’t problems at all except for aesthetics, but occasionally some of them strike out lines of text.”

    I am on a Mac & can’t check this. It works fine in Firefox & Safari, and I have only done basic modifications to the theme. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • K.G. Schneider

    Annie, I haven’t seen that problem with the theme (running on ). I’ve viewed it via IE on several PCs.

  • Katherine Misegades

    Annie, the only browser that gives me problems is IE 5.2 for the Mac — the page elements all line up in a tall column at the left. It looks fine in newer IE versions on a PC though.

  • Annie

    I can’t actually tell if my site has a problem b/c I’m on a Mac. Can anyone tell me if they can see a problem here:

    Thanks in advance–

  • Kevin

    Annie, Here is how it looks in IE7 on Vista. It is all messed up:

  • Annie

    Wow. Thanks for that screenshot.

    Any idea how I can fix this? I haven’t touched the IE template at all, and have only made cosmetic changes to the templates I have used.

    Thanks so much–

  • Katherine Misegades

    And here is how it looks on IE 5.2 on a Mac. The two side columns are at the bottom below the posts.

  • K.G. Schneider

    So I got interested and dropped a post from Annie’s site into the W3C validator… it gave me 162 errors. A post from my site,, gave me 2 errors. Looking at the source code, without being an expert I’d say take out the widgets one by one and keep revalidating the page until you see the bulk of these errors disappear… and I bet the problem would go away. (I’ve seen Flickr introduce piles of errors into a formerly validating page.)

    Obviously, some browsers and operating systems are more error-tolerant, but it’s an interesting perspective on how you can have a site that validates and then mess it up with third-party tools that are noncompliant.

  • Annie

    I removed all the scripts I had running in my sidebar, plus cleaned up a few little extraneous bits of code, and I’m down to only 16 errors (that are basically only 3 errors).

    I’m wondering if my scripts were breaking IE. Could one of you give me another screenshot?

    If they are, do you think I should run the scripts anyway? I feel like they add value to my site and I hate to let them go. Any advice?

    The other errors it came up with I just couldn’t understand, if anybody feels like helping 🙂

    1) It doesn’t like:
    li id=”links” class=”widget widget_links”>Favorite Aut…
    It has this as an error for all of the subcategories in my blogroll.

    2) It doesn’t like that I used the php call for the Category widget in r_sidebar.php. I copied & pasted it exactly from somewhere else in the template, I can’t remember where.

    3) It’s got a bunch of problems with closing tags, but I can’t figure out where the error is. I’ve scrubbed through the templates I’ve modified: Main Index Template, Single Post, Page Template, and r_sidebar and can’t find anything. And I haven’t touched the Footer.

  • Kevin

    I just checked your site and it looks good noe in IE7 (just as it does in Firefox).

  • Anthony

    This site needs a forum.

  • David

    This site needs more than a Forum… it needs some respect and response from its owners/authors.
    Ever since Chris “sold” this theme to “Splashpress Media” and under the “care” of Brian G, I have noticed little to no response to Cutline users comments and issues…. since the delayed release of updated Cutline, and especially the 3 column Versions, the lack of input from the “owners” is even less! If you read back over these comments from the time Chris left “Cutline”, you should notice an increase in complaints and problems and a decrease in direct response and reply from the owners.
    If you were a Cutline user with Chris at the helm, you will recall how prompt, courteous, and committed he was to Cutline and its users. This can not be said for the new regime.
    The number of problems reported since the release of this update is ridiculous, indicating a beta version if at all, and the amount of users trying to help each other out with code issues and things “no longer working” has sent me to other themes… Cutline may be professional and clean and “wonderful” but under current circumstance, not worth the headache to ordinary users who just want to get on and blog, and who are not coders as such, and nor should they be.
    No personal disrespect to Brian G, just stating it how I read it. If one takes on the responsibility, then one needs to be willing and able-to-respond, appropriately. Thx, and have a great day not “fixing” Cutline. 😉

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  • Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    I’m afraid I have to agree with David here.

    There hasn’t been any responses by Brian G in a long time.

    I think I have to start looking for a new theme :-/

  • K.G. Schneider

    You get what you pay for. I’m using *this* theme because I escaped from another WordPress theme that was orphaned by its owner. Well, hello, life moves on and people have to make a living.

    Right now this theme is working for me (even with several widgets enabled, the main page validates 100%). It looks good and it does what I want it to do. But this lack of support is pretty typical for free WordPress themes. Basically, I’m prepared to put in some sweat equity, and if that doesn’t work, move on, no harm no foul.

    If anyone knows of a suite of themes that can be licensed with support, I’d be happy to look into them. I don’t mind paying for service.

    Dennis, I ran into the widget-switching issue with another theme. You might try updating WordPress to 2.2… though with another theme I found it also depended on which widget I started with. Regarding editing the theme, the files are in the WordPress theme editor. I have made some minor edits to this theme for one blog I maintain, and it worked out fine. I’m not a CSS expert so it took some background reading about WordPress and some experimentation. I usually have a blog set up just to play with so I don’t hose an existing installation.

  • vince


    So typical of cyber “golly gee everyone is a marketer” world, the initial promises and squishy first hugs, turn into “I’ll seeya when I seeya.”

    K.G: Disagree. People didn’t come here to be coders, they were enticed here by promises of a purportedly easy system, that maintained connection with its users. The right thing to do was be straight up and state that any support would end upon chris’s departure. Therefore no expectations or misrepresentation. That has not happened.

    This guy Brian has a forum for his other blogs, let’s see when he includes this corp appointed blog he is apparently responsible to maintain, but has neglected.

  • Kristie

    I am pretty new at all this stuff (FYI). And I love your theme. I downloaded the 3 colum one and was wondering how to get it to be 2 column like yours. Is there alot of editing involved? Because I am not so good at that stuff. Can you help me?

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