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Cutline 3-Column Theme Now Available

July 2nd, 2007 · 146 Comments · Site Updates

We are proud to officially announce that 3 column versions of the Cutline WordPress theme are now available for download.


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  • Steffen

    Here is another example of the 3-Column Theme. I changed the custom css and some parts of the code i.e. moved the sidebar to the left…but everything off course is still on going…
    Fell free to leave a comment!

    • Jerry

      I really like your website, I’ve been wokring on drupal for sometime now and i must say I think your site is magnificent, well done!

  • K.G. Schneider

    Vince, a lot of folks came to this theme because it was attractive… and free. It’s got some glitches, and there clearly isn’t any support, but it’s still free. I suspect that the original author hoped that the company who bought it would take care of its users, but I’ve been in that boat… you gotta move on.

    Meanwhile, it’s not bad as a freebie. I just can’t get worked up about a “product” I didn’t pay for.

  • Heather

    Hi, I’m having trouble with my images… no matter what I do, they stack on top of each other instead of showing up side by side. Can anyone point me to a fix for this? I’m sure there’s one line somewhere that I’m just overlooking! Thanks so much!

  • Riy

    Great work!!
    How can I add adsense code, I am new so help please.

  • Neil

    I have to work in an room where the computer/display equipment is limited to an 800×600 display – how do I modify the theme to suit this? Changing the header image to 770 from 970 in the header.php only changes the image size sop that it comes 3/4 of the way across the screen from the left hand side. Any help appreciated.

  • VagabondoDigitale

    Good Template… thx !

  • vince


    go to cutline homepage and download version 1.3 and you should be good.


  • Bryan

    The theme is really nice and it would be great if there was a defined split between the 3 areas. It’s rather difficult on my eyes to read a post with writing to either side and no defined split or color difference… just a thought…


  • Adrian

    Great theme but some funkyness happens when i move Recent Posts from the right sidebar to the left sidebar. When I do this, Comments refuse to display on the Single Post page. I’m trying not to use widgets and just copying Recent Posts from the right to the left sidebar. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?


  • LiveMtl

    I also have all kinds of problems with validation and with Internet explorer, not totally sure which versions as I’m on a mac and have had conflicting feedback. I don’t know what to do to fix it, and have modified this theme’s css enough I really don’t want to abandon my current site. Please come up with a fix for internet explorer.

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  • Steve

    Hey, is there any way to easily make the center column wider? Great theme, but I’m used to using a fluid one. I’d give this a try if I could make the center wider.

  • Webmaster Bellas Venezolanas

    Hi !! I have two websites with Cutline 3 Columns. In one, it´s working great. In the other, don´t know what happens with the archives in the left and right column.

    Besides, I would like to know how to make the Sitemap and the top menu work…


    Is there any e-mail for specific questions?

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  • Phil

    I LOVE the 3column split version of cutline, currently in use on my website. However, I had a little problem: my left sidebar was “off”, not aligned with the header.
    I found the reason in the style.css file:

    /*—:[ core layout elements ]:—*/
    #sidebar { width: 210px; padding: 0 0 0 15px; float: right; }

    #l_sidebar { width: 210px; padding: 0 0 0 15px; float: left; }

    The values for the the l_sidebar should be:
    padding: 0 15 0 0px
    If you correct that, the left sidebar is aligned with the header.
    Thanks so much for the theme, Chris!

  • moserw

    Love this template. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Jenny

    I am trying to get a space (margin) on the left side of my site. I have totally customized the theme and love the way it looks except for this one thing. I have searched other forums, and keep ending up back here. I have combed through every padding, margin px/em in the css that I can tinker with and am at my wits end. I’m sure it’s because I am tired and have been hacking all day! I just want a little space on the left and right sides so you can see the brown background. Any suggestions? Advice? Help? I’ll even take ridicule at this point!

  • marco

    I have a problem with comments. I get this message: “Invalid Data: Please go back and try again”.

    Any suggestions?

  • Rick

    I love the 3-column split right theme. You can check it out at…

  • Rick

    Sorry about the incorrect address above. I did not mean to capitalize the blog name. Instead go to…

  • Lab

    🙁 Cannot find version 1.3 ??? Tried downloding the link in the sidebar but wordpress detects it as version 1.2 (Cutline 3-Column Right 1.2) …Even the php and css files show v1.2

  • Bob

    Love the theme. My site looks great in Firefox…but when I switch to IE 6 and 7 it gets all kinds a’ messed up. Specifically the font size. Any ideas on how I can resolve this problem? I don’t want to alienate all of the IE users if possible. Thanks so much


  • Marje

    There is a image align error after i upgraded to 2.6. How to solve this?

  • Kay

    I’m still having problems (functions.php fix above was already ok in my file) with sidebars and widgets working (I’m just on 1.1 with WordPress 2.3.3). Any other suggestions?

  • Beth

    Hey, um, I’m using the Cutline theme on my secondary blog, and I can’t find an “edit” button next to the title of posts. Is there any way to add one? It’s kind of inconvenient to have to go to your dashboard just to edit this one post…

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  • Web Marketing Network

    Hey great theme, I’ve just installed and fixed the 2 sidebars problem.

  • Kay

    Web Marketing Network person: HOW did you fix the sidebar problem. I still can’t get mine to display correctly!

  • Claudio

    For display sort articles by category, i need “loop” ?
    For example, in top 1 article “new of day”, after 2 articles “sport”, after 3 articles “politics” ecc ecc.
    What is code php ?

  • Lara

    I love the Cutline Theme, however, since updating to version 2.6.2 the imagine alignment seems to be broken for me also as Marje noted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for all the hard work on a great theme!

  • Svetainiu kurimas

    Hey great theme, I’ve just installed and fixed the 2 sidebars problem.

    best regards
    svetainiu kurimas

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  • kariera

    Hello everyone. We made some serious modifications to the basic theme… It is a bulgarian carrer tips online magazine

  • anayanee

    is it possible to make the main column wider?

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  • cay ghep implant

    I want themes wordpress 3 column, 3 sitebar, support navigator, everybody help me

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  • ilona

    Great and clear theme. But
    1) how do you trigger submenues
    2) how do you ling a ‘blog’ page to a blog menu option?



  • mohamad

    i want an arabic version for my site plz.


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  • HGH

    I think it’s the most popular wordpress themes. I like the design of this theme and used this theme for most of my blog.

  • Ronald Redito

    I tested this theme 2 years ago and later decided to shift into a better WP theme but also made by Chris Pearson.

  • ellen schreiber

    i download 2.1 black and white, simple and elegant theme, thanks you for sharing this theme, i used before this theme on edublogs.


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