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Cutline 2.1 Released

February 29th, 2008 · 34 Comments · Release Notes

It might seem strange that a month after releasing 1.2, I am turning around and releasing 2.1, but Cutline has two very different versions. The first Cutline, which will follow the 1.x naming convention is considered the more popular one currently, but read up on version 2.x and you will see it has many advantages.

With this release, I fix some minor issues people were having, tighten up the stylesheet, and add my own flair to things. I have also removed comment forms on pages, and fixed their alignment.

If you are using the first Cutline 2.0 release, I recommend you upgrade.

Let me know if you have any issues with Cutline 2.1. To download, click the sidebar link for Cutline 2.1.


34 Comments so far ↓

  • azam

    I just uploaded cutline 2.1, and for some reason the old pages aren’t being displayed on the navbar. Also, when I created a new page, it didn’t show up. All i see is: front page, archives, and about us

    And the latter 2 don’t work.. please advise.

  • mgcom

    I am having a lot of trouble with Cutline eating memory. Here is a note from my hosting company:

    The Load has spiked to almost 100 each time I’ve restarted it and it’s chewing up 30 megs of RAM a second.

    Whatever k2 is, it is chewing up my server RAM, any idea what we can do to vix this?

    Thank you.

  • 1stAngel

    Please could you help me? I am using this gorgeous theme on my blog (url given) but no matter what I do, I have 2 problems.

    1. It will not show the first line of my posts most of the time and I have to put a dot, then a new line and start my post there.
    2. My page text is overlapping my right hand column. Even when I make a table at 460 and stick all in that, it Still overlaps.. Any ideas why please?
    Thank you if you answer this!!

  • Tom

    Some issues:

    1. I don’t what the top navbar is for. It has Frontpage, Archives and About of which Archives gives 404.
    2. There are no Edit buttons for posts and pages.
    3. The text layout seems to go south… no, no… I mean east sometimes. That is, some items are on the left pane of a post where there’s “Respond” etc.


  • Jane

    Very nice, but would like to see a wider content area and more padding between posts and sidebar.

    I am not CSS-proficient, but it seems to me that if the “author, date, and “Respond” were on top of the post rather than on the side, this could significantly increase the content area.

    Also, because there are no bullets, shading, or lines to differentiate between sidebar and main content, there’s almost a bleed effect.

    Other than this, it’s a very clean theme, and I would use it if I knew how to tweak the codes.

    If someone would like to give me a hint, I’d be very appreciative!

  • Jeremy Toeman

    Hi. GREAT theme but I am having a lot of problems making a background work properly. The #container div is not working right in Firefox on OSX, and the directions in your blog post ( are not working either. Do you think you can revisit this and document any changes that have occured in the latest version?


  • Hussein

    i’m using this theme right now. and it’s cool.

  • Tony

    First of all, I love the Cutline theme. I really think it’s the best out there.

    I have just a few problems: I’ll list them in order.

    1. I can’t get into the forum. No e-mail gets sent back my way.

    2. The RSS feeds are broken. . . I doubt this is an issue with Cutline. Is anyone else having this problem? Could it be because I’m not using the latest version of WordPress?

    3. Meta Data and robots.text . . . Any suggestions? I notice my posts are not being index by Google. I’m using Cutline in a folder away from the root directory . . . Could this be the problem?

    Any help on this front would be much appreciated. I must admit I only have moderate skill when it comes to working with PHP and WordPress but this blog and the Codex have made my transfering my site

  • David Collantes

    Other than what previously stated (no edit links for entries, comments, etc;), the comments fields and textarea will look better is completely left aligned, and not flushed to the right as they are right now. Same applies to the message “There are no comments yet…Kick […]”, align it to the left. Ibidem to the Sitemap and Archives pages.

    See my development install on the website.

  • David Collantes

    Forgot to add that the search results page is also butchered a bit.

  • pled


    Nice theme, very clean. My blog has only 1 sidebar, so I found the Cutline 3-Column Split version, and I am currently adapting it to my needs and choices. Should be online in a few weeks !

    Do you plan to do the same with that new 2.x version ? (I mean a 3 columns version) ?

    Anyway, congratulations for your great work.


  • Jan

    I like your theme. I just want to note that your download link, I mean the image, links to the wrong version.

  • Melanie

    Dear Chris,

    I’ve been using 2.1 for a couple of weeks now. It’s a beautiful theme, and I’ve changed the header to display Flickr RSS instead.

    Anyhow, a curious thing keeps happening. After I set the theme, it automatically reverts to WordPress Default theme. This has happened several times and I have no idea why. If you’ve got any ideas on what I can do to stop that from happening, I’d be very grateful.

    Again…nice theme. Thanks!

  • Publicidad En Internet

    Is this version compatible with the new WordPress 2.5 ?

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  • Raquita

    I am using cutline 1.2 and my header images stopped working when I went to 2.5 any ideas or updates coming?

  • Ashish- WebTrafficExpert

    Thanks for version 2.1! Cutline is one of the best WP themes out there, and I have found the performance to be very good, esp in attracting search engine traffic. Both 2 column and 3 column Cutline are really good.

  • Oscar Davir Ramirez

    Hi.. first… thank for that Theme…. i Love It…. but i have a problem with my sidebar, ther bar go to down…… only in my principal page……

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  • J. Gravelle

    Outstanding theme.

    With just a few minor aesthetic tweaks, it meets my needs perfectly. I’ve taken the liberty of making the left and right sidebars different sizes, and we’ve cleaned up the header, but that’s about it.

    Further, the PHP is laid out in a clean, intuitive fashion that permitted quick and easy customization.

    Very well done. Thanks…


  • Thor Jarle

    Hi, when I use a gallery tag inside a post and click the tag the gallery doesnt work. The link to the broken tag gallery is provided as my website. What is wrong?

  • Joy Overstreet

    Chris – I just set up my blog last week, so I assume I’m using the latest version of Cutline, but not sure where to find this info. It is a handsome layout!

    I have two (other) questions:

    1. I’ve made several sub-categories, which I thought would show up as indents under their parents on the sidebar, but they’re all at the same level. ??
    2. I would like a subhead under my blog’s title, but the tagline I wrote doesn’t show. Yours does, so it must be possible. How do I add one?

  • mark

    I will check out both version of cutline

  • FlexR

    Great. I am thinking about using this for my own blog!

  • leimrod

    great great template. love everything about it. I can see myself using this for the years of blogging to come

  • john

    I’m playing with the theme and really want to have my sidebar on the left. How do I change this? Thanks!

  • Hussein

    John, I think you have to modify the CSS

  • Patrick

    There is a typo in style.css that breaks the hover style within entries:

    .page_entry a::hover,

    change “a::hover” to “a:hover” to fix this.

  • Baladi

    Font views beautifully in Firefox, but my nice black font changes to green UGLY in IE 7.0, I had a QA for WordPress look at it, and he can’t think of any reason for this except it may be a hover issue?? Advice

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  • Daryl

    This is such an excellent theme, and I have a slightly modified version of it up and running now.

    I found that wp_list_bookmarks('title_li=&category_before=&category_after='); worked well to list the categories and links in the sidebar, and to replace the deprecated function. Also, dropping the footer text size to 1.1em from 1.3em made it blend more with the page layout.

    All in all, a great theme. Thank you.

  • Andy Askey

    Great theme. Thanks. I’ve been using it for several months. I just updated to WP-2.6.1 and they now add a [caption] tag to images. These do not respect the text areas and put the image to the far left of the screen (over the left sidebar area). If I remove the [caption] tag in the HTML editor then the image displays as it did in WP-2.5.1. Any suggestions?

  • Chris

    I really like this theme so far. I’m experimenting with changing the header image and keeping it static. The thing I like most about cutline is the “ordered” feel to it, if that makes sense. No bells and whistles–at least none that can be seen superficially on the page.

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