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Cutline 1.02 Released, Upgrade Now!

September 28th, 2006 · 72 Comments · Release Notes

Upgrade to Cutline v. 1.02 today!

Over the past week or so, hundreds and hundreds of you have provided feedback on Cutline by pointing out issues and requesting changes. Thanks to your wonderful input, I’ve been able to craft a newer, stronger, cooler version of the theme, and you can (and should!) download it now.

Although there are numerous cosmetic changes in version 1.02, there is one major update that you all need to be aware of, so please read on to get the scoop.

Version 1.02 Changelog

1. Major Update: automatic image styling removed

In all previous releases of Cutline, unstyled images received a core set of style treatments that caused them to be pushed to the right and given a frame. Instead of being a favor to users as I had originally anticipated, this actually caused many folks to consider sending me death threats. For very *ahem* practical reasons, I have begrudgingly eliminated this automatic image styling capability from the theme.

From now on, whenever you include an image without styling, it will just sit there and look out of place unless you apply an image handling class. The onus is now on you to make sure that your posts look as nice as I want them to, so don’t let me down, ok? 🙂

Actually, if you must know, the reason why I thought this change was necessary is because things like the Technorati icon in the “tags” generator would show up with default styling (pushed to the right and framed). This looked really goofy and out of place, and now I know that when items don’t behave as users expect, they get angry. I’m all about giving you some happy, so I had no choice but to remove the automatic styling.

2. Image padding reduced
Instead of an 8px padding between your image and its frame, you’ll notice that framed images now have only 3px of padding. I think it looks a little cleaner and integrates more nicely with the theme as a whole.
3. “stack” class added to image handling
One particular user pointed out that he was unable to produce a horizontal row of images at the bottom of his posts, and given the old set of image handling classes, this would have been impossible to accomplish. Check out an in-depth look at this new class on Image Handling with Cutline.
4. Blockquote text
Blockquote (and pullquote) text is now darker and hopefully more legible across a wider variety of monitors.
5. Pullquote style
Double-borders have been added above and below pullquotes to add style and further differentiate them from the regular post content. It’s the hotness.
6. List spacing
I wasn’t happy with the vertical spacing of lists (<ul> and <ol>), so I increased the vertical margin between each list item.
7. Link rollover colors
In previous releases, blue (unvisited) links would turn a lighter shade of blue when you hovered the mouse over them. I never thought this was enough of a visual cue, so I have changed the rollover color from #0af to #df0000, which is a nice, deep red. Plus, the red looks cool within the context of the theme, because now you have all the primaries making cameo appearances in the design. Yes, I’m a geek.
8. Comment dates
Before, comment dates read like this: “Sep. 12th 2006.” Now, they read like this: “Sep. 12, 2006.” The change saves a tiny bit of horizontal character space, but I really just thought it was more appropriate for the comments.
9. Comment form links

If your post has one or more comments, the “3 Comments” link points to a URL that is appended with “#comments.” However, if your post has zero comments, the “No Comments” link points to a URL that is appended with “#respond.”

Prior to version 1.02, there was no destination link for “#respond.” Now is the time to rejoice, though, because I have caught this omission and provided you with a link. I know, I know — benevolent doesn’t even begin to describe me.

10. Comments link after the post
You’ll notice that on the front page, each post has a link to the comments underneath the title, which is great for gleaning quick information about a post. The problem with this, however, is that if you actually read the post and then decide to comment, you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to click on the comments link. Unnecessary scrolling stinks, so now you’ve got a link to the comments after the post as well.
11. My name is now in the footer
Some very cool people have suggested that I put my name in the footer because they thought it was better for branding than simply “Cutline.” I appreciate the love, so now my name is in the footer with an attribution to both this site as well as Tubetorial.

Four core theme files have changed for this release: index.php, footer.php, comments.php, and style.css.

Upgrade Instructions

If you haven’t made any changes to your theme files, then you have nothing to worry about. Just overwrite them all and have a good day.

If you’ve changed your header images, don’t overwrite the images folder within the Cutline directory! Don’t do it! Stop already!

If you’ve made special changes to your style.css file, I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Your best bet is probably to overwrite your old file and then try and make your changes again.

One thing I would suggest, however, is that you add all new snippets of code in a segregated area of your stylesheet. That way, when a new upgrade comes down the pike, you’ll be able to copy and paste that code over into the new file.

Now, get to it!


72 Comments so far ↓

  • Sean

    Hey Chris,

    This is a great theme; I love it! Thanks for making it so available.

    I was wondering if you know of an easy way to highlight author comments with spcecial formatting to differentiate them from other comments. I’ve tried a few php tricks that I found online, but all of them seem to break the comment loop and cause my comments to dissapear entirely.

    Do you have a solution for this?

    Thanks again!

  • Chris

    Josh: It can be done, but it requires the implementation of an extra wrapper div around the content. I’ve seen enough instances of people wishing to make this modification that I’m actually planning on releasing a “ready-to-mod” version of the theme that will make this process much simpler.

    Mike: I’m leaning that direction…Anyone else care to chime in, or are we gonna let Simplenomics be the sole dictator of the future?

    Sean: Although implementing author comments is not a horribly difficult task, it is too involved to elaborate on here. I suggest looking at the code behind the comments on the K2 theme or even my own PressRow theme, both of which involve the use of author comments.

    There are a ton of different ways to implement them, the easiest of which is probably just to color the background a light yellow or something. The code needed to do this is essentially just a PHP-conditional that checks to see if the comment was left by the author. If the condition is met, then the comment itself is appended with a CSS class — something like “author.”

    Then, of course, your stylesheet would have to contain the necessary code to accommodate these “author” comments.

  • Kevin

    I vote for 900px and for a ready-to-mod version for the browser background color! Hey Chris, how about releasing your “” theme? That is simply amazing.

  • Brian

    Complete newbie here, but I was able to download CUTLINE onto my PC, upload it into my webserver directory (wp02), and the CUTLINE theme is showing up as available. I’m able to implement the theme, and it looks great. HOWEVER, the ABOUT and ARCHIVE links are pointing to “ABOUT” and “ARCHIVE” in the CUTLINE theme, and I get a 404 ERROR when I click the links. In the WP default theme, those same links point to “page_id=2” and “page_id=3”..

    Am I OFF the map, or is there something I can do, i.e. change the links in CUTLINE to reflect the same links as the default theme points to?

    (ps) Please pardon the non-webmaster lingo, I’m just starting to learn a little bit about this stuff, and thanks in advance for your help.


  • Chris


    The sole purpose of this site is to answer questions like the one you just posed. You’ll find a wealth of information in the archives here, and in fact, there is an entire post that is dedicated to your specific problem.

    Check out Why Don’t My Archives and About Links Work?

  • Brian


    You just made my day.. I’ve been sitting here all morning FORCING myself to get the CUTLINE theme up and running.. With little technical know-how.. And this was my first REAL stumbling block..

    Thanks a million for your prompt reply, you’ve earned yet another loyal fan/customer, and I WILL be back with more questions.

    It worked – voila!

  • Chris

    Yay? 🙂

  • Dave G


    How vital is the .DS_Store file? I host on Yahoo and they do not permit file names begining with a period. Might be a show stopper for this theme which I like very much.



  • Chris

    You don’t need (and shouldn’t transfer) the .ds_store file.

  • Rick McCharles

    Just testing Cutline and I LOVE it.

    But one small, very important problem.

    My individual post links do not work. For example when I click:

    … it shows the ARCHIVE page:

    Cannot imagine what I am doing wrong or how to fix it.

    Other than that, I am ready to take the site live.

    Help. Please.

  • Rick McCharles


    I went to OPTIONS “Customize Permalink Structure” and selected “Date and name based”.

    When I clicked UPDATE, problem solved.

  • Larry


    I am totally new this web thing and am trying to get up and going. I’ve loaded the templetes with no problem, but I would like to have the side bar show the something like Recent Comments. Showing the last 10 comments to the blog site. Is this possible, remember I know nothing and am on a Mac so be kind and slow. Would you recommned any books? Thank you in advance to your assistance.

  • Chris


    You’ll need to install the Recent Comments plugin. If you scroll down through the post, you’ll also notice that some champ out there has widgetized the plugin as well.

    Hopefully you’ll find it easy to implement, and because it’s widgetized, it should integrate seamlessly into the sidebar.

  • Michelle


    I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a dynamic and creative theme for a blog. I just love it.
    It allows me to express my creativity which often change from day to day and now I am no longer stuck with one static picture on my blog.
    I now have a random ring of 25 personalized images and I just love it.
    You did a fantastic job.

  • Charlie Tan

    Hello Chris

    I am using the free wp site.

    How could I switch to use your theme.

    Also, can I install flickr badge script on this theme??

    Header section how could I insert my own image??

    Can I change the blackground to black as. I blog most of it are photos.

    Let me know.

    Thanks. I appreciate your help.

    I appreciate your advise

  • Rod

    Hi. I updated the header using the random header image optimizer and now the tagline is missing. Is there a way of getting this back. Thanks Rod

  • Misty

    No sidebar with Javascript seems to work in Cutline. Someone mentioned this above but never got an answer. I can’t figure out what’s going on, but it appears that something doesn’t get included, because there are always errors about unitialized variables in the Javascript error logs. I can’t spot the difference between Cutline and other themes in regard to the header.php etc. Any ideas?

  • Strafverteidiger MĂĽnchen

    Thnaks for the Update. I will update it now.

  • Dan

    I’m trying to add borders (preferrably with slightly rounded corners) for both the left and right columns so I can get rid of the colour background in the columns.

    Simply using ‘border:’ is not doing anything.

    Can you please advise how to setup borders for the right and left columns>?

    Many thanks,

  • Bob Stechschulte

    This email is directed to Chris Pearson. I wonder if you are the owner of two lots that recently had homes built on them on Johannesberg Street in North Port, Florida? I am interested in finding out if they are for sale and if so for how much.

  • Bob Stechschulte

    I am also interested in website design as I recently put up my website for our 50th high school class reunion. I would like to enclude a blog on that site and maybe you can direct me.

  • Dave

    Pls help me- I can’t get rid of the Front Page link. I would like to, as I have set a different page to be a static home page.

    Many thanks.

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