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Creating Archives and About Pages

September 7th, 2006 · 70 Comments · How To

The default links in the Cutline header point to pages called Archives and About. In order for those links to work, you’ll have to make sure that those pages actually exist…Well wait a tick – how the heck do we do that? Fear not, because Cutline comes pre-packaged with all the answers!

Creating the Archives Page

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to create an Archives page in no time:

  1. Log into your WP Administration panel and click on the Presentation link.
  2. Assuming you have the Cutline theme activated, you’ll notice a link in the sub-navigation menu called Cutline Options.
  3. On the Cutline Options page, simply check the box next to “Enable the Cutline Archives Page.”
  4. Click the Update Options button to create the Archives page.
  5. In order to ensure that your new Archives page gets published properly, you’ll need to click on the Manage link in the main navigation menu.
  6. Once there, click on Pages in the sub-navigation menu.
  7. One of your pages will contain the text “Archives” in the Title field – find that page, and then click on the Edit button for that page.
  8. Locate the Save » button (which resides just beneath the main text entry box), and click it. You’re done!a close-up image of the Save button on the Write Post page of the WordPress Administration panel

Creating the “About” Page

On just about every new installation of WordPress, your About page is already created for you. In the event that it’s not, however, you can follow these steps to make it happen:

  1. In your WordPress administration panel, click on the Write link in the navigational bar.
  2. Two links will appear in the sub-navigational menu – Write Post and Write Page. You’ll want to click on Write Page.
  3. Enter whatever you like in the Page Title and Page Content fields.
  4. On the right side of the page, you’ll notice a heading that is called Post Slug. Expand the heading to reveal a field, and then enter “about” in that field. Enter it exactly as shown here (without the quotes), or else your navigational link will not work!
  5. Click the Create New Page button, and you’re done!

Easy, huh?

Aaargh! My Links Don’t Work Yet!

Find out why and fix the problem by reading up on WordPress permalinks and how they relate to Cutline.


70 Comments so far ↓

  • kruzman

    I have already enabled the Cutline Archives page in my admin panel but I cannot see the archives pages listed in Page Management section. Do I need to create the archives page manually? Any suggestions?

  • Ingrid

    I’m having the same problem as several others – I checked the “Enable the Cutline Archives page” box but no Archives page is listed in my Page Management table.
    Please help – I need to have this up and running by the end of the month!

  • Ingrid

    problem resolved! I went ahead and created the archives page manually and changed the slug. seems to be working fine.

  • Shawn

    Hey All, I was having the same issue everyone was having with the archives page. I followed all the steps to no avail. I’ve got good news now… I may have missed this somewhere. If you go into the archives page and make sure “Archives” is selected for page template. that did the job.

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  • juice

    Thanks! I spent a couple of hours figuring out what had I done wrong with the archives link. Luckily finally I found this article. The checkbox didn’t work for me either. But the manual creation did the trick.

    Here’s my translation of the problem for Russian users:

  • Josef Reznicek

    Hello. I created archives page as a page in wp admin. But the page doesn’t include any text, because I didn’t type anything into. So my archives site looks like: Why? I don’t have a list of pages in it?
    Thanks for answer.

  • Terry

    Chris, I have look all over for the solution to this question and nothing comes up.

    Why do my category links go to pages which contain the “optional excerpt” text???

    Why can’t I click on a category name and go directly to the most recent post(s)??

    I really need help with this, I’ve been working for weeks to figure it out and can’t.

  • Matt Presta

    Hi Chris, just wanted to say thanks for a great theme and for the awesome support and patience you have for helping folks. I thought I’d add something I learned while wrestling with the 404 Archives and About problem relating to permalinks and Cutline. I tried installing the WP “Pretty Permalinks” plug in to save myself the hassle of editing the .htaccess file. It did make my links pretty but it also clashed with Cutline so I deactivated it. I went ahead and tried a custom permalink again “/%postname%/” not expecting it to work, and low and behold WP finally accepted it without any .htaccess problems but my Archives and About pages magically came to life! Anyhow this was one piece of info that I hadn’t run across in my google searches and thought I’d share. Thanks again. Matt

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  • Mike

    After you create the “Archives” page or the “Sitemap” page from the “Manage/Pages” area of the administration area by clicking “Create New Page,” be sure to select the PULL DOWN MENU that is called “Page Template” from the right hand side of the interface. Here, three selections are hidden: Default Template, Sitemap, and Archives. BEFORE you hit publish or save button, SELECT ONE OF THESE ENTRIES. Of course, name your page “Archive” or “Sitemap” and fill in the post slug info with “archive” or “sitemap.” If you select “archives” with this menu, the “Page” that you create will use the Archives Template document and create the page properly. For complete instructions, see:

    • Sasha

      Mike, thank you SO much! I’ve been following everyone’s instructions to no avail, and then I tried yours and voila! It Worked, now I have an active archives page!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • brian

    I have really given the Write>Page the once over twice, and DO NOT see any trace of “Post slug” field to input ‘about’, and thereby generate an about page.

  • Splinter

    New. Installed wp 2.5. Read posts about Archives, About and Permalinks. Attempted all suggestions except .htaccess. At some point I’m told wp “will generate the code” to put into .htaccess, but there is no description of how to generate said code.

    I’m using categories and pages in the sidebars and can’t yet think of a way to work around an “archive” and an “about” page.

    Perhaps there needs to be a little looky see into getting this shtuff to work in 2.5?

    Thanks a mucho for all the work though. I don’t know a thing and I’ve got something up.

    Splinter aka Mark

  • Mike

    As Brian stated above, I cannot find the “Post Slug” option either to create my About page. I have also tried everything but editing the .htaccess thing. I am not that advanced. I did get the Archive page to not show a 404 but I just can’t get the About page to work. Any other suggestions. Using WP 2.5

  • Cynthia

    Hi Chris,

    I enabled the archives page, however when I go to Manage Pages, the archives page is not listed in my list of pages. It doesn’t exist.

    Could you tell me what I need to do make the page?

    Thank you.

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