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Biggest Cutline Question: Category Pages and Full Posts

January 29th, 2008 · 10 Comments · How To

So, one of the biggest questions I am seeing is “how do I get category pages to show full posts?”

The reason we have set it up so that category archives show excerpts rather than full posts is for search engine optimization benefits. Basically, we have worked it into the theme that you have less duplicate content and so Google will like your blog more because of the truncated posts.

If you want to change this, open up archive.php and look for <?php the_excerpt(); ?> (around line 24) and replace the_excerpt(); with the_content();. Save and re-upload and you should see full posts on category pages rather than excerpts.

Also, Cutline 1.2 should be coming out soon. I am putting the finishing touches on it, and I hope you will all be pleased. Of course I couldn’t implement every change that people wanted as I can’t please everyone, but I hope you will like the tweaks and update.


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  • lance

    In my cutline 2.0 theme, when go to the Archives page, then click through to a month it displays post excerpts. But when I click on the link to view the full post it takes me back to the Archive page. I tried using the theme on a different, fresh wordpress install and it did the same thing. Have I done something wrong?

  • lance

    sorry – i fixed it. I was using the wrong permalink structure. thanks.

  • cspring

    The No. 1 question I haven’t seen answered is how to get the nav tabs over the header image to work.

  • Mama Meji

    Thanks for this wonderful theme. I installed the split in and I like it. I have hower a couple of concerns:
    1) how can I change the header image?
    2) how can I extend the line that’s under the date of every post to the right, to end of the center column?

    Thanks a lot.

  • David Peralty

    cspring – Check out the How To Category to get an answer to your question. There have been many posts on dealing with the navigation.

    Mama Meji – Check out the How To Category as well. Everything has been posted before.

    As for the line, you need to make the hr_title_sep.gif image. You will want to make that wider in any image editor.

  • Jeffrey

    How about doing the opposite? My site is all about film reviews, and I would love to make my archives page list my post titles, and not categories or months and years.

    Any suggestions? Someone suggested the WP-SNAP plug-in, but I can’t seem to get it configured.

    Is there a better way to just list the post titles? If I wanted to try this, where would I start mucking about?

    Overall though… great theme and I love it!

  • Jeffrey

    Never mind… I found a brilliant solution by lifting out a chunk of the sitemap template and dropping it into the archive template.

    Love how malleable this template is.

  • Gabriel Radic

    Hi Chris,

    There’s an issue with the experpts in the archive pages on my site, and that is that they only appear for “some posts. I can’t find a pattern for the probem, but it may be that excerpts only appear for posts that are longer than a paragraph or two.

    Anyway, this sounds like a WP issue rather than a temple one. I’m still on 2.3, and will upgrade to 2.5 soon.

    Thanks for creating Cutline.

  • Frederick

    I just changed my blog to a template that, like cutline, shows just excerpts in the archives. Because it is an image intensive blog I’ve lost anywhere from 300 to 800 google hits a day because images are not included in excerpts. I’m trying to figure out how to reverse this damage, can anyone help?

  • Polo

    thank you and congratulations!!!

    this article is exactaly what i want to do !!!

    we use your theme for your site because is (for me of course) simply the best !!!!

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