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Important Notes About WordPress 2.1 and Cutline Compatibility

January 31st, 2007 · 42 Comments · Release Notes

On January 22nd, the Automattic crew unleashed WordPress 2.1 on the world, thereby wrecking (ok, causing minor problems with) a bundle of themes in the process. Sadly, Cutline was among the ranks of the afflicted themes, but only for reasons that were not unexpected.

Naturally, I can’t just leave you with a theme that is anything less than fully functional, so to solve this problem, I’m going to release a newer, hotter, better version of Cutline within the next few hours. In fact, by the time you finish reading this post, it’ll probably already be here.

Until then, it’s time to think about making this important upgrade, and I’d like to take this time to examine the following:

  • Potential issues with the WordPress 2.1 upgrade
  • How this upgrade affects Cutline
  • What you can do to ensure that your theme is performing at optimum levels for whatever version of WordPress you choose to run.

WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Issues

For those of you who haven’t already upgraded to WordPress 2.1, there are a few important things that you need to know before you make the switch. I’ve had a few days to install 2.1 on a couple of different servers and tinker accordingly, and I’ve come across a couple of red flags that I’d like to share here.

First, not all Web hosting packages are robust enough to support WordPress 2.1. I have a shared server with MediaTemple that I purchased in late 2005, and when I tried to upgrade WordPress, I was unable to do so because the old shared server package does not support mySQL 4.0, which is required by 2.1 in order to take advantage of some new database upgrades and features.

That same shared server package from MediaTemple was extremely popular among bloggers up until the release of their new GridServer, so it’s quite possible that you might find yourself in the same boat as I was with my test server. If that’s the case, then you are left with a couple of options:

  1. Upgrade to the new GridServer (for more money).
  2. Switch to MidPhase (for less money), gain more control over your site’s statistics, and get a free domain name. This site runs on a MidPhase server, and I was able to upgrade to WordPress 2.1 without a hitch.

Second, it is quite likely that some of your plugins will fail after upgrading — unless, of course, you’ve already taken the measures to download newer versions that are compatible with WordPress 2.1. With that said, I suppose the moral of this paragraph is simply to check your plugins.

How WordPress 2.1 Affects Cutline

All along, I’ve said that Cutline was a robust, simple, and flexible theme. If I had been telling you the truth, then why did your blogrolls break when you upgraded to WordPress 2.1?

Good question.

The reason for this is the fact that up until version 2.1, WordPress auto-generated inconsistent blogroll code. Instead of applying a common class to all link lists, WordPress actually applied unique IDs to each separate blogroll category. This inefficient code resulted in an infinite number of XHTML possibilities for the resulting blogroll markup, and as a result, I had to choose how many individual categories I would support in the CSS.

As of WordPress 2.1, my adaptive CSS for the blogroll is obsolete, and this is precisely why your blogroll is “broken.” So what’s the fix? The new version of Cutline, which is coming soon. Like, maybe even now — check the sidebar to be sure.

Update: Here it is!

Another way that WordPress 2.1 affects Cutline is through the discontinued use of some deprecated template tags. It’s nothing too major, but there’s a good chance that your categories may display awkwardly (or not at all) on your Archives or Sitemap pages. No worries, though, as I’ve cleaned this up on the new version of the theme.

Legacy Support for Cutline

But wait, I won’t be able to upgrade to 2.1 anytime soon, but I still want to use the theme! What can I do?

Easy, tiger. I know you’re out there, and I’ve got you covered.

If you’re running WordPress 2.0.7 or older, then use these links to get your blog set up and working like a champ.


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  • Swollen Pickles

    Hey there,
    I’ve updated my theme to 1.1 and it fixed the blog roll problem. Thanks for figuring that out.
    I do have a new issue though. Both the ‘archives’ link in the header, and ‘sitemap’ link in my footer go no where. Do you know what I’ve screwed up??
    here’s the link to my blog:

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  • Iain K. MacLeod

    When I upgraded my old shared server package with MediaTemple last week, I was offered a GridServer lite option.

    Will I have to pay more for (gs)?
    No, current (ss) Shared Server customers will pay the same price that you have been paying for your account. example: if you have been paying $7.95 per month for your (ss) Shared Server Pro account, then you will pay $7.95 for your (gs) Grid Server Lite.

  • Chris

    Swollen Pickles — I just checked your site, and your About page is working properly. In order to get that Archives page working, follow the instructions from this comment, and if that doesn’t work for ya, follow up with the instructions from here.

  • Chris

    Iain — Thanks for the great tip! You know, I still find it funny that I spent at least 10 minutes on the phone with a MediaTemple representative, only to come to the conclusion that I was screwed and had no other alternative.

    Guess that goes to show you that you should always get a second opinion!

  • Nick

    Thanks!! This looks great on my blog!

  • Chris

    Nick — Excellent! Besides this site, yours is the first that I’ve seen Cutline 1.1 on…almost brings a tear to my eye 🙂

  • ARTiFactor

    Thanks Chris, Your quick response should get you some votes.

  • Chris

    Art — I visited your site and noticed that you were tinkering around with inline styling on images to achieve different padding/spacing combinations.

    Did you know that Cutline has all of this stuff built in for easy implementation? Check out my post on image handling with Cutline to learn how to take advantage of these killer styles.

  • ARTiFactor

    Thanks Chris. I just tried it out. Great feature. I also put in a new banner. I am new to WP and to DIY coding. I like 250px thumbnails because it follows the rule-of-thirds with your Cutline theme. I hope someone develops autothumbnail generation that allows customized dimensions.

  • Mark Mathson


    I like the Cutline theme. I am knew to WordPress and blogging so this should be a great introductory theme for me and allow me to learn how to customize.

    Any idea why my Cutline Archives isn’t working? ( I get a funny result. I did enable the Archives, and I followed and read the links to comments from above. Interesting thing though. When I view Pages, no Archives page shows! Greek to me 🙂

  • Chris

    MarkComment #5 from this very thread contains your answer.

  • Mark Mathson

    Thanks for answering so quick! I had a feeling you would be so quick 🙂 But anyways, right before I came back here to read a reply I tried using the same methodology behind this post.

    And it worked!

  • OMSH

    The only plugin that crashed was my subscribe to comments plugin. Other than that it looked like everything was a go, but I DID have to ask my server for an upgrade and I DID NOT use blogrolls before, so I wouldn’t have noticed that burp.

    I’m so thrilled as beans with Cutline – LOVE.IT.

    Checking out upgrade though – need to stay on top of it, of course.

  • Chris

    OMSH — You definitely want to upgrade Cutline if you’re running WordPress 2.1. I realize this is a bunch of work for you, so perhaps it’s best to hold off until I list upgrade details in the version 1.1 changelog.

    I’ve got a “how to futureproof your theme modifications” post planned, so you ought to find that incredibly handy as well.

    Unfortunately (fortunately?), I modified some of the XHTML in this version in order to bring the theme up to bleeding-edge standards compliance. It’s likely that I won’t do any further code modification (outside of the CSS), so hopefully future upgrades won’t bring nearly the headache that this one promises.

  • Roy

    I’m still running 2.07 and haven’t upgraded to Cutline 1.03 yet. I’ve made some changes to the theme that I’m sure will be broken on 1.03.

    Chris, my question is, upgrading to 2.1 and your theme for 2.1 will my changes migrate easily or will I have to go back in and make the changes again?


  • Andy

    Chris, I’ve moved to 1.1 now (after some brief silliness with WP 2.1 and the blogroll), and love it. Implemented the random header, too, which is way fun.


  • Clarke Henning

    Chris, I upgraded to 2.1 last week and it really did not cause me too many problems. I really like Cutline and want to upgrade to 1.1, but I have done quite a few modifications to the CSS. Have you implemented alot of changes to the CSS in 1.1?


  • Chris


    Although the 1.1 changelog is pending, I can tell you that I made quite a few CSS modifications in order to accommodate new XHTML elements. Also, I eliminated some code that was rendered irrelevant by the new code of version 1.1 (the blogroll code and some link behaviors come to mind here).

    The most notable CSS change comes in the form of IE6 and 7 conditional stylesheets. This separation allows me to eliminate hacks from the regular CSS and segregate them in a way that is easier for users to understand.

    All in all, however, there are enough changes to the code (on both ends) that I would try to adapt older styles to this newer version. The primary benefits I see here are better standards compliance and also more predictable, stable behavior across all browsers.

    If you can wait just a few days, though, I’m going to post a tutorial showing you how to override the styles on any theme with excellent results. As a bonus, the changes that you make will be mostly futureproof as well, meaning you’ll be able to update to newer versions of the theme without major headaches!

  • Clarke


    Thanks for the feedback. I will wait for the changelog and then make the changes to my site from there.

  • Roy

    Thanks Chris that answered my question perfectly.

  • lutz

    hi chris.
    does a german version of cutline exist or is there an easy way to change the frontend words into german?

  • Carrie

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for the upgrade. I had a minor heart attack when my site was orig. upgraded to WordPress 2.1. Everything you said could happen -did.

    I did manage to roll back and now that 1.1 is out I’d like to give upgrading another shot.

    However I have two questions:

    1) I have made some changes – to the pages, footer etc. Is there anyway but changing the new .php pages – to retain changes previously made?

    2) There is a 3 column version of cutline out. I would love to use that option – actually two columns on either side of content and the use of the widget function in both. Any chance you tell us how to do that?
    3 col theme is at

    Thanks very much

  • Swollen Pickles

    Thanks Chris, sometimes it’s the simplest things I screw up! All fixed now though.

  • Chris Locke

    Not sure if this is helpful – if not, please just nuke it. I upgraded to WP 2.1 today and… yup, got a disappeared blogroll. As I’ve made all kinds of mods to the CSS, I was more than a little wary of installing the new Cutline. So I didn’t. Instead, I copied the sidebar styles section from the new rev, plopped it at the end of my existing style.css file — and VIOLA! — all seems to work now. I realize this is probably a Bad Thing To Do for all sorts of reasons, but it did work. I should have used the custom.css file to put my mods in. Now I find out! Duh.

  • Hallas

    hi all question from a newbie to wordpress . Ive uploaded new theme and it showed up that style.css and template missing in WP themes section. So I read the custom.css info didnt really get it do I need to upload old cutline version then this one or do I copy a style from another theme.
    Also cant see a template in unzipped folder or in any other theme so how do I put one in.

    Sorry for what I feel could be very green questions but need to get this working.


  • Michelle Verbeeck

    I am not sure what happened I hope someone can help. I put a post up today and it sent my sidebar to the bottom of my blog and some posts are normal type and others are much larger, I cannot figure out what happened.
    Please go to and if you can help I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Dave

    I started using a few days ago and built using Cutline 1.02 on Since I owned the domain, I decided to rebuild the worldpress site on my own domain and signed up with bluehost. For some reason, I can’t access the same features from either Cutline 1.1 or 1.03 that I can from the wordpress 1.02 version. There may be missing plugins — I’m not sure. In particular, I’m looking for the ability to change/crop the header image, add buttons along the top, etc. Can you tell me what I need to download to match the functionality I’m getting at

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Speaking of compatibility…
    I’m in desperate need of some help getting Cutline to play nice with Adobe Contribute. I don’t want to give up my theme or my software, but if it comes down to it… I spent money on Contribute 😉

    Chris, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Contribute at all, or if you’ve played around with it or if you use it regularly. In a nutshell, it’s a blog manager. It pulls in the HTML markup and the CSS info for a blog, and when you write a post, you do so in the visual environment of the blog itself. It’s awesome for easy as-you-write styling.

    When I load my Cutline-themed blog, the HTML markup shows, but it’s not styled. Other themes show up correctly – so I guess the question is, is there something different about the way your CSS files are written or stored from other themes?

    I really, really need to figure this out. Thanks for any help you can give – and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place 😉


  • Joseph

    Hi, great theme. I picked it up after seeing your adsense tubetorial. That’s a great site. Anyhow, Everything looks great in firefox, but the Title of the blog looks crowded and unreadable in IE. Can you help me out? Thanks again for the theme. 🙂

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  • Walter Ketcham

    Hi – We’re using the Cutline 1.03 Theme on msql version 3.x.

    We can’t get the author’s name to show up in the posts.

    We also noticed that some of the posts on your blog include the author and some don’t.

    Looking at the php, the loop seems to include the code for grabbing the author.

    Are we missing an option somewhere?

    – Walter

  • Ben


    I have been trying to upload the new Cutline to Bluehost, host for my blog and its showing as a broken theme “Stylesheet is missing” all other templates, including pressrow have uploaded fin. Very frustrating! Any help?

  • Jon


    I am having an interesting problem that I cannot figure out. Perhaps you can help. I am not sure.

    On my blog site, it used to be that the text widget on the top of the page in the sidebar did NOT display a solid line and a dotted line for the title of the text widget if I did not put a title to the text widget.

    I happen to have two blogs with the Cutline theme. and ON the jonsviews site I have the above stated problem. Oddly enough, on the freedomthirst site I do NOT have the same problem.

    I have checked the CSS stylesheets, the sidebar.php, and other stuff but I just can’t figure out what got tweaked.

    Any ideas?

    By the way, I love the theme, which is why I use it two times. 🙂


  • Jon

    Would you believe, after all that, I upgraded my blog to the newest wordpress version ( 2.1.2 to 2.2.1) and it immediately fixed the problem. I hope you read this one before you take time to answer the other one!



  • Daniel

    FYI: The 1.03 .zip file is ‘corrupt’.

  • jonny goldstein

    When I click on the download link for 1.03 I get a page that says “method not implemented”

    Can we get the download back?


  • John Sadler

    I have 2.2.2 WordPress and 1.1 Cutline and cannot see my blogroll.

    Any ideas?


  • JErry

    Please help. I’m at my wits end. I’ve been trying to figure out for hours now How to change the tabs. “Archive” – “about” – “front page”
    I can’t figure it out. Pl’s help.
    I’ve just started with

  • John

    I am trying to install a new theme in word press 2.o but any theme i chose it comes up with an error “Broken Theme” and “style.css is unreadable”.
    Any comments much appreciated.

  • moonfire

    probably something to do with the css code.

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